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The dog next door Lock Rss

I actually didn't expect this thread to go anywhere lol. I feel special now.

Have you tried to approach the neighbours at all?

Nope, dog is in the front yard- It will eat me if I walk in!

How do you stop a dog from barking... if it were yours barking? And no that was not said to have a go... I genuinely wonder what can be done about it if you loved the thing and it just kept barking?

We've always had dogs and never had one that barked.

There are ways of training your dog out of it. Really it's just learned behaviour.

In our area people let their dogs & children roam the streets. This one dog barks at every car that goes past.
Our dogs, we've got a German Shepherd & a Papillon. They stay in the yard. Doesn't matter if we call the council on all of the other dogs that roam the streets or bark, they just ignore it. Yet in our last property (same council), our German Shepherd got out twice- because he was chasing a dog that kept coming into our yard. Council threatened to put a nuisance dog order in. I wrote a condescending appeal to the council and that was quickly rectified. It's not my dog that is misbehaving, and quite honestly: I want him to protect the yard, our property, and the baby when it comes along. He knows who is friendly and who isn't.

In this property the only time he barks is when other dogs sniff around the fence. Something jumped the fence once and came into the yard- the shepherd attempted to maul it. Luckily DP ran outside in the pitch black, bare foot with his pants half down (haha) after jumping off the loo to save whatever it was (didn't get to see- it was so dark!). It bolted.

Lol- I just remembered. I lied when I said they stay in our yard. There was one incident where the papillon, lovely dog that she is, decided to go for a walk down the beach while DP & I were at work.
I got a call from the council at about 11am to say that they had picked her up walking along the beach, that she's a lovely dog and she's just sitting in the office entertaining the council staff. I left work, got to the council, the little dog saw me coming & did her bouncy-jumping up and down, around and around excited thing, jumped into my arms when I went to tell her off & made everyone laugh. The brat. But now we have bricks stopping her from getting out.

Oh that was amusing. Is there a way that we can upload videos? I want to show you just how excited her 'excited' jumpy thing is. It's cute. But so hard to tell her off when she does it.

...never ever say 'cheese' or 'tea' unless you're serious lol.

we have 4 other dogs on our street 5 including ours.
ours is the biggest and scariest (she will be shes only 5 months old lol) but she hardly ever barks.
anyway we have a labrador across the street and it barks at anything that moves night and day. they nhever tell it to shut up. and then the others start up because that one is barking my dog sits on the front steps looks at it like shes thinking what the heck are you barking at lol.
we havent put in a complaint yet but seriously thinking about it, it wakes my kids up at 5 in the morning barking at joggers.
my dog does bark dont get me wrong but its usually only when another dog goes past. she wont even bark when a cat comes in the yard lol
in saying that though the other day the owner of the lab was standing in her driveway for bout 10 mins waiting for a lift somewhere and my dog sat at the gate the whole ten mins barking at her lol naturally i went out there and told her to shutup (the dog that is) but she wouldnt so i took her round the back to play with her, but i really felt it serves the lady right lol
they say dogs are a good sense of character lol

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