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solar hot water sytems.... just a question Lock Rss

We've just moved into another rental an this place has solar hot water. I found the switch to turn it to electricity cause its been really over cast an just crappy weather... So should I turn the switch off when we arent using the hot water or do I just leave it on all the time till the crappy weather goes away???
hi i'm only a little help, but our is a Gas bosted solar hot water, so this means on over caste days the solar doesn't heat the water enough the gas just kicks in automatically. are you sure yours doesn't do this?

if it is all or nothing i would leave it on electricity until the weather improves otherwise yo will be forever switching it over and might end up with a cold shower

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

hi we have a solar hot water system
in overcast weather i found its best to leave it on all the time, but i spose you could be able to turn it on for a couple hours before baths and stuff to get enough and save on electricity. we leave it on purely because we have a large family and a dishwasher, nd haveing a few hours isnt enough. also DF showers in the morning and if its turned off o/n it isnt hot enough. also find we have to turn it on of a night time during winter.

Thanks for your help ladies smile
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