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public or private? Lock Rss

we are having some issues with this within our family as to what is better?

i have gone public with both boys and going public again with this one and so far have had no problems and have always received the best of care. we did debate for while before DS1 which way to go and in the end decided why pay $1000's for something you can get for free. (well, technically not as that what my taxes help pay for). if we were loaded, we may have gone private as we wouldn't miss the money, but still would have found it hard to justify spending that. we always said if we ever had twins, we would go private for that special care, but other than that, the public system is good enough for me.

a family member of mine has decided to go private, fully support her decision, thats not the issue. but now she cant afford the $2500 bill for her OB and has hit my mum up for the money. i have tried to tell her its not too late to change to public, but it seems she is trying to keep up with all her friends who are all going private, and i feel that she is looking down on me for going public and trying to suggest it might be an idea for her. if she can't afford it, then surely that is a reason to change. i could have quite easily gone private if my mum was going to pay. she has told me the main reason she is going private is to get a private room and so her DH can stay overnight. the kind of funny thing is, she is paying all this money to see an OB and that same OB works in the public hospital i am going to and i have seen him too.

my mum is now in the tough position of saying yes or no. (in the past she has forked out $1000's to this family member to help them, so this is not the first time they have asked to borrow money). she agrees with me that if you can't afford it, dont go. but it is really as simple as that? is there something i am overlooking?

so, apart from being able to afford it, and a few other reasons like the area you live or if you have a high risk or previous bad experience, did you go public or private and why? (if its not too rude to ask)

i dont want to start a debate about what is better, just the reasons you choose what you did, maybe there is something i dont know!
i have only had one birth, and i went public.
i had a water birth with no drugs or complications.
My sister in-law who has also had one birth 9 wks after i did went private.
She was induced, had a long labour and they used forceps and epi-dural.
None of this was due to going private but she had to pay for all of this where-as if she went public she still would have had a DR in with her due to the comlicated labour and wouldn't have had to pay anything.

We r now both pregnant again, and i will be going public again, and she is unsure. She believes the only benefit to going private is the Dr is present no matter what, and u get a private room after wards.

I believe that i got more one on one midwife care afterwards than she did. i did share a room with other mums but i liked the company, the down fall to sharing a room is if the other babies or mums dont settle or have a bad night u know bout it.

Kiddi <3

I agree with you. If you cant afford it then dont do it. And if you could afford it then you probably have health insurance that covers it anyway.

Your mum shouldnt give her the money because while she keeps allowing her to keep borrowing money she will never learn not to live outside of her means and stand on her own to feet.

Sure it would be nice to have a private room and have hubby stay with you and all that but its not the end of the world if it doesnt happen. If she has a natural birth and everything is ok then why not just go home. Having a nurse come to your home once a day for a week is far better then being poked and proded in a hospital where they dont really have time to answer all your questions and give you their full attention.

Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

I went private for both my 2. We had top hospital cover so we had no gap to pay for the births or stays. Also yes we had a huge bill ($1300 for DD and $1600 for DS) we got most of them both back and I only ended up having about $100 out of pocket which is the same amount as friends who went public. For us the desicion was 1) we could afford it as it didnt cost us any extra 2) I have a heart condition so even thought the local hopsital could cope I wanted to be close to my specalist if needed 3) The OB at the local hospital is my sisters friends dad who my mum also went to school with so have know him for all my life and didnt feel comfortable 4)DH could stay and not sleep on a swag on the floor in a cramped room.

If we didnt have private health then we would have gone public but one of the bigger ones down the hill. Your family memeber would have known from the time she was reffered what the fee was and when it was due so she should have been saving and its wrong of her to ask your mum for help. If she cant afford it then she should go public.

I went private- I have insurance and could afford the out of pocket expenses.

The main reasons were being able to choose my OB and hospital, and treatment like if I wanted a caesarean. And my OB visits could be on saturdays so I didn't have to miss work and my husband could come. I didn't tell anyone at work til I was 20 weeks so going to the hospital clinics would have been very difficult!

I was induced at 38 weeks cos bub was getting too big, and had no complications. I totally agree though that your mum shouldn't have to pay the gap. That's really not fair!
I went public for both my DDs and don't regret it at all. The main reason was because I felt their level of care was fine and I didn't want to pay 000's of dollars when I didn't need to. I went through the midwives clinic so didn't have an OB, but to be honest I find that the midwives really know their stuff as that is all they do.

You mum needs to say no to them. If she has given them money before, that is why they expect it, and this probably won't be the last time they ask either! But you can't force her to say no.

You have said that you are fine with public and happy with your decision, so don't let them sway you! The way I see it, my family is better off spending those 000's of dollars on other things we need, and it also means I get to stay home longer with each bub before having to return to work.
I went public with both of my kids. Our local private hospital stopped their maternity ward so the private patients in the public hospital were only going to get a private room anyway. Apart from waiting up to an hour and a half to see the midwives I had a great experience both times.

This is my first pregnancy and i decided to go private. I have always had private health and both my parents have always said its best to have private health cover, not just for pregnancy but everything so this is what is stuck in me.
I will be out of pocket $1,800 from going private which to me isnt much, we can afford to go private so we have.
Main reasons for going private for me personally are:
- Having an Obstrician that i see all the time and not different people
- Going to the private hospital where i live (its really nice and i didnt want to be at the Public Hospital)
- Having my own room even though i know if they are busy i may not get my own room but chances are i will.
- If there are any complications with baby after birth (require surgery), being private they will respond asap whereas public will only do something if its life threatening.

But at the end of the day, if you cannot afford it you shouldnt be asking someone else to pay for it for you. If you want to go private, make a few sacrifices, save your pennys into a baby fund and pay for it that way!
Hello, my husband and i decided to go private for the birth of our first child 11wks ago, we knew straight away that we wanted to go private. I had a great obs who saw me for the whole pregnancy and also delivered my daughter, my obs was a great help during the pregnancy and also for the delivery as he did what was best for me and the baby. I ended up having to get induced two weeks early as my blood pressure was going up and down for a week, so to be on the safe side he decided an induction was the best and safe way to go. I only had a 7 n half hour labor with no complications or tearing. The midwife i had during delivery was great and very helpful, i had one midwife for the whole delivery and my obs for the delivery aswell. I felt comfortable as i'm not a big fan of having heaps of people around like some public hospitals do.
I ended up staying 5 days in my own room w/bathroom and also had my husband stay the nights aswell, the midwives we had were great and very helpful with assisting me with breastfeed as my daughter would not latch onto me well.
Private can be a little pricey depending on the cover you've got but if you can afford it and have the cover then private is the way to go smile
I have gone private for all 3 births and have been very happy. I used the same OB and pediatrician for each and there was huge benefits for me as I was very comfortable and felt well cared for and listened to. I have had three sections and having someone who was highly qualified and experienced was important to me. I didn't want to be practised on by a student OB.
However if you can't afford it I think there is an excellent public system there to be used. I also think if you have straight forward births the public system is better, in particular the birthing centres. Private OB'S are best used when things get tricky and midwives are what I would choose if things were more straight forward for me. The problem with my reasoning is that you don't always know things will be tricky until you are giving birth.
To the OP there is no way your mum should have to cough up the cash.....
I had both mine public but used 'shared' care with my gp so I was being monitored by my GP the whole way through, and pretty much only delivered at the hospital

I just could not warrant being thousands out of pocket when the only thing I would have gotten by going private that I didn't get by going public was my own room and maybe better food!

So even though we have PHC we chose to use the public system. Saved our money and spent it on better things in our opinion.

Our experience with the public hospital was fantastic. I think often private 'interferes' too much to make sure bub will arrive when it suits the ob. Many of my friends who went private ended up induced and had really bad labours and trauma. I didn't even need a stitch with DS1, my delivery experience was perfect. With DS2 he was breech. They gave me right up to the last moment to not need a c-sec (eg gave me a scan the hour before I went into theatre and if he had of turned I was able to go home). My c-sec and recovery went perfectly.
I went public even though we have private health insurance. I wanted both of us to be safe. Turned out I had to have an emergency C-section after an unsuccessful induction. The theatre was ready within 30min and I had my epidural put in as soon as I asked for it - unlike my SIL who went private and had to wait for about 4 hours because the anaesthetist was in theatre.
I had a private room and apart from a couple of crappy midwives all the other ones were great - but that can happen in any hospital. My OB certainly wasn't a student - he was a senior consultant as was the anaesthetist who put my epidural in. I used to work with the anaesthetist I had in theatre so that was a bit weird (especially when he asked me how much I weigh!) lol smile My bub was out within 10-15min and I had a quick recovery. Majority of private OBs actually work in public hospitals as well. When you have a complicated pregnancy you're actually better off going to a public hospital (can still have a private OB) because there are more resources available. Majority of nurses and doctors I know went/are going public - that should tell you something.
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