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Hubby and i were leaving a shopping centre in the town near ours when we saw a car drive in and 4 adults hoping out.

I hate it and can't understand why they do it. So i got the number plate walk back and told the lady at the service desk who called secruity who said they would call the owner and talk to them.

What get me is a parent like me couldn't get a park when they arrive there cause some people are to lazy to park and walk to the front door.

The secruity guard said they only give people a ticket if they park in a disable car park.

And the lady at the desk said to him that a lady (me) was complaining about a car parking in the parents one.

It's annoying but it's not illegal for a non pram pushing person to park in one of those spots.

I would like to see Parents With Screaming Mad As A Cut Snake Toddlers Parking. Didn't bother me too much having to park further when I was pushing a pram as long as there was clear access. But having a park close to the door with a toddler on the loose is a godsend.

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

I will generally only use them when I have at least two of the kids.
Other times if there's a park reasonably close to the doors that isn't a parent park then I'm happy enough to take that..

It annoys me when people who obviously don't need to park there do.

Nothing worse then trying to put a baby/toddler into their car seat while you're squished in by other cars...

My lil miss independant is 2 and my lil bloke is 13 months and i use the pram if I have to go shopping with him around his sleep times and it annoys me to no end when "childless" people park in the Parents With Prams parking spaces as there are very few in shopping center car parks in my area. If I am only using the stroller for short trips, I will park somewhere else and leave the Parent Parking for someone with a pram. But I have noticed more and more lately how many mums and dads will park in the Parents With Prams space even though they don't have their child/children with them (just empty car seats), these people annoy me just as much as those "childless", people as they would know just how frustrating it is to find Pram Parking.....
We only use a parents one when we can get one which is hardly ever since most centres only have about 6 to 8 parks.
We normally just park where we can find one.

Drives me mad too - although I must say the shops around me are all pretty good and the place I usually shop has about 30-40 baby parks.

It is also kind of hard to police especially when some of the baby parking round me is actually called "family parking". Technically an adult with their cousins (ie. other adults) are a family so when there are no specific restrictions why shouldn't they park there? Incredibly unfair meaning the only parks left are impossible to get a sleeping baby back in the car but theres not really much we can do about it.
Personally, I'd prefer it if no such parks existed.

I think having children is not a disability, and we don't need "special" parks close to the door.

It especially annoys me that at my local mall the "parent" parks are closer to the door than the mobility parks. I think it's grossly unfair that those with mobility issues are forced to walk greater distances than those of us able bodied with small children.

I'd rather the parent parks were wider, but further from the door.

Anyway, I've gone off tangent, but no, it doesn't bother me in the least when non-parents use the pram parks, I tend to think of them only as a "bonus".
There are 4 major shopping centers where i frequent shop. The smallest of the 4 has 3 entrances and 2 Parents with Prams spaces, the next also with 3 entrances (and a larger car park) again only 2 spaces, and the 2 largest shopping centers with multiple levels of car parks have no more than 8 to 10

I'd rather the parent parks were wider, but further from the door.


Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

I think having children is not a disability, and we don't need "special" parks close to the door.

I have often thought this myself - I agree that we do need wider parks. And having them in undercover parking if thats is an option is always good too but I don't understand why they have to be so close to the doors. The same with the special police parking at my locals - they are always closer then mobility parking and I don't understand it. Police are capable or walking (and running if need be) and if it was really that big a emergency they just stop on the sidewalk with the lights going anyway. It really frustrates me! Sorry a bit or another tangent!
I don't mind having to walk further to my car as long as I can get a park out of the sun, the biggest thing I hate is when you drive around for ages spot a part that's decent and wait for someone to get out of the park with your blinkers clearly on and then some moron who can see you've been waiting drives in before you. Sorry I'm off point now, I do like those mums with pram parks though.
Where i shop for food there no car parks for parents.
It would be good if the parks are bigger but i don't think the shopping centres would make them bigger.

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