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Do not call Lock Rss

telemarketers aaarghhhh!!! always at DD's bedtime
Yeah, I got a guy (VERY strong Indian (or surrounding regions) accent saying he was from some Aust. gov. body - kinda like census (can't remember the name now lol).

I HATE it when they call...
leave me alone!!!! angry
My fave (NOT) is the people who ring saying they're from Microsoft and they know that I have a virus or something on my computer.... Bugger off and get a real job! How bout you help people rather than trying to cause them trouble angry

DO NOT let the 'microsoft' people into your computer. My husband, who is an computer technician/it geek (lol) just spent a whole day and night fixing and getting rid of a whole lot of virusus that the 'microsoft' poeple put on a friends computer. They ask you to turn the computer on so you can follow their prompts- but as soon as you do, they do something called remote hacking where they can acess your computer and all your files from a differnet site. They then put virusus on there and basically wreck havok with your computer. They could possibly be doing it to access important information about you as well.... Luckily when I was called by the same people, I let them know that becuase my husband was an IT specialist, I didn't need their help as he could sort out the problem for me... And they hung up!!
I've had a few so lately when I answer with hello and don't get a response for 3 or more seconds then finally an asian or indian accent says hello I don't answer them they hang up after 5 - 10 seconds and they don't ring back. Resigned up for the do not call register a week or so ago so hopefully they will stop ring now

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Oh man I cant believe how many damn calls I get!!
I've had the microsoft one, a "tax" one, bargain breaks and on and on and on.. Nearly every night and it drives me crazy <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
Last time I said "oh, ok - hang on", then I just put the phone down on the counter and went about my business. Half an hour later they were still stuck being connected to me - they haven't called back since.
Don't get me started on these! They have started ringing DHs' mobile too. How the eff they got that is beyond us as ALL of our numbers are silent & unlisted anywhere. They have the home number as the previous owner of the number was listed. So over them. angry
Lol I got one from "the department of fair trading" saying they'd checked my banking details and I was entitled to $8493 refund of fees. All they wanted was my full name, address and bank account details. Um, sure!
I love the Do Not Call register. We used to get calls several times a week. The automated ones were the worst. If I hung up it would call back within seconds. There were days my phone was off the hook because I was sick of it!
Now all we get is charities calling for donations. I'd like to have a DNC register for them too. I prefer to donate in person in a once off thing, not have to be signed up for monthly donations. Tax deductable or not, I don't like being badgered for money as some charities seem to do. Plus, they could be scammers so I never sign up for anything over the phone.

in nz we been have probs with ppl with indian accents calling from virtual pc doctor and other companies sayin that the pc has a virus on it and they want to take remote control access to fix the prob.
i told them to F off knew it was a scam of some sort but on fair go (nz tv program tht targets fraudulent businesses) there is actually alot of ppl who let these ppl take control of their pc and load up spyware and keyloggers and gave over credit card details.
Dont be fooled and yes they call constantly until i got really angry and let loose my preggo hormones and swore at them a number of times :s they havent rung since smile

Lol I got one from "the department of fair trading" saying they'd checked my banking details and I was entitled to $8493 refund of fees. All they wanted was my full name, address and bank account details. Um, sure!

Im glad you posted this, as i most proberly would of fell for that one! yes maybe you could call me dumb LOL but i prolly wouldnt think if someone rang me from the fair trading, that it would be a scam! im pretty lucky i dont get many calls these days, we have registered with the DNC register for a while now and i re register every 3 months, or when we start getting the odd one here and there ill re do it again too!

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