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TMI Lock Rss

we did this... and i say we as its much more fun with DF helping lol
perineal massage is just the bit between the front and back. if you/he stretch your fingers on the way back out a little more each time it stretches KWIM???

and i swear by it we did it with each of the kids and we have had 4 the worst i got was a graze. all friends/rellies that have had kids that didnt do perineal massage that i know have all ahd bad tears etc and they all asked how i managed it and thats what i tell them, they couldnt believe it and yes it is awkward talking bout it but i highly recommend it lol

good luck

I did it for a little bit while i was pregnant, but by the end of it all, it was the last thing i was worried about lol and it was hard to reach!!
But, i didn't rip during birth, and like PP, the most i got was a graze.

So, not sure weather it was just my luck, or what i did do, actually worked. But, i would give it a go! smile

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