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how old was your dd when you got them done... dd is 4 weeks and dh asked me the other day if we should get them done.. do i want them done...

i remember i got mine done before aged 2.... but thought they don't do them that early now...


My DD is 4 1/2 and has not had her ears pierced yet. We discussed it and decided she can get them done if she wants to, when she's old enough to understand that it will hurt, when she's old enough to properly care for them and when she can nag us long and hard enough to get them done tongue So far she hasn't even asked about getting them done, I expect that to chance once she goes to school though.

I know you can get them done in my state before 1 as my friend got her daughters done at 6 months. But only certain pharmacies would do it
we had both girls done at 6 months and honestly its not worth it. they are now 4 and 5 and dont have their ears pierced anymore. they just went through the stage of pulling them out (sleepers studs didnt matter) we lost so many and i got sick of buying them. if they ask me when they are older then yea we will go get them done but i wish we had of just waited lol


my little girl is nearly 2.
i am going to wait until she asks me for them and understands
thats its going to hurt, also old enough for her to be able to look after
them herself.

I was about 2 when i got them done and mum said all i did was play with them and they got infected.

I'm pretty sure most places won't do them that young although you may find somewhere as i see babies with their ears perced all the time.

goodluck with your decision
thank you for the replies smile

i think its a matter of each to their own, i got my DD done at 4 months old and am so happy i did it then. i got it done at a beauty place i think it was ella rouge, but they did both ears at the same time and DD cried for all of maybe 5 seconds and thats it, i only sprayed them once that day and never again, they have been perfect, she doesnt touch them, nothing...
im now pregnant with another DD and will be getting hers done about the same age, some people prefer not to do it but my opinion i love it and looks so girly and pretty, and look its only earrings u can take them out whenever u like and they close up.... smile
DD had hers done at 7 months old, had them done at a pharmacy and the guy did them one at a time which I was freaking out about, but nope DD was a little angel, no crying or tears or anything!!

She's now 3 and we've never had a problem with her touching them or infections... I think little girls look super cute with them done but each to their own, whenever you're comfortable doing it go for it grin grin
our DD was 2

We have never had any problems, she never plays with them, not 1 infection & when she got them done, she would show everyone - "look at my pretty jewels!!" - very cute.

I think that i was actually born with earrings... LOL - but that's how they did it back then wink
We're going to wait until DD asks for them. I have friends that have gotten them done when their girls were around 6 months. Like PP have said some places won't do them until a certain age. I didn't get mine done until I was nearly 16. My mum had a rule that I wasn't allowed to get them done earlier for some reason. After that I went a little crazy so I'll let my DD decide. Any other piercings can wait until she's 18 laugh

hi there,

i got my daughters ears peirced when she was about 10 months, they did them both at the same time and she cried for about 10 seconds and that was it. she is coming up 4 and she still has them in. i put sleepers on her till a few months ago, when in a shop she saw some cupcake earings. u can get special sleepers that undo if they get pulled so as not to hurt them.

i had trouble finding a chemist in nz that would do them but ya just gotta ask around.
DD1 started asking for hers around 4 years old because her cousins had theirs done. I made it very clear to her that it would hurt and she decided she didn't want them done. She started asking again a couple of months before she turned 5. DH wasn't too keen on the idea of her having them done. But she asked a lot and we decided to get them done for her 5th birthday. Even when she was in the chair with the dots on her ears I thought she would chicken out, but she didn't. She had a little sob afterwards and then was fine.

Now every time we go into that same chemist, DD2 (3) asks to get her ears pierced. She watched DD1 get hers done, so she knows she'd be in for some pain. She doesn't seem to care, I want to hold it off for a bit longer though. I think girls look so much more grown up once they get earrings.
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