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ear piercing for girls Lock Rss

Depends what state your in as to age requirements. I worked in QLD as a body piercer and our age limit was 3 months old atleast.

I didnt get mine till i was 13 and it was mum who suggested getting them. I dont think i asked for them really but i was a bit of a tom boy smile

My daughter was 6. She kept asking, but I explained that it hurt so she'd always change her mind. but for her 6th birthday she decided that she would put up with the pain and she was so proud of herself. I think she chose too coz her friends were getting it done smile
thank you all for your replies smile i think they look adorable but don't want to get it done just because...

decisions decisions lol

My DD1 got hers done at 2 and DD2 was about 11 months.
She got them done at the same time in a beauty salon.And honeslty cried less than immunisations.
I have never had a problem with either of them and I dont regret getting them done at all.
I say each to your own,and if it is something you want your DD to have then go for it.You can always take them out if there is a problem.
I think it's a a hard one and it really is personal choice.

I don't have daughters so don't have to make the decision (cause 'no' I won't be letting my boys pierce their ears tongue)

I was allowed to when I was 10. I remember wanting them done so badly for sooooo long!! I was so happy when I had them done smile

I must admit the girls who I notice have the most problems are those who get them pierced around 5 or 6yrs of age. Maybe they touch and play with them more at this age?? My friends little girl had hers done a month ago at age 6. Hers got so badly infected they had to rip the piercing out and put her on 3 courses of strong antibiotics. She's scared for life I think after the pain she went through (as is her little sister :S)

Personally I think getting them done either earlier (eg. 2 or under, when they are younger and mum can look after them and they are not as aware of them so not touching them all the time) or later (eg 10 or so) would be what I would do if I had a daughter.
Hi. We got DD's ears pierced when she was 1. We got them both done at the same time, she cried briefly & that was it. She'll be 5 later in the year & we haven't had any problems. We still have the same studs in (i'm not one to fluff about with changing ear-rings) and she never touches them or worries about them. I'll do the same with DD #2, wait until she's 1. I think 1 is a good age personally.
My DD had them done on her 6th birthday, which was back in March. She knew it would hurt and had also been shown youtube videos of other little girls having them done so she knew exactly what to expect.

She didn't even flinch... she didn't cry and in fact she giggled just after they had put them in her ears! LOL! laugh

Being 6 years old she knew how to take care of them, when to turn them and so we had no hassles at all. We have just recently changed the studs into sleepers and while I was worried she might catch them on something, we have had no dramas.

It was not something that I ever thought about having done when she was little as I wanted her to be the one to want them done. She even paid for them with her own birthday money.

However, I am interested to know WHY parents get them done when their children are just babies. And that is not meant in a nasty way, just curious as to the reasons why??

My BIL got my nieces done when she was 4 months old. I've also got a few friends who have gotten their DD's done around 5/6. They've all said they did it younger because they get used to having them in and don't pull on them at that age like when they're teething and pull on thier ears. Also they've all said that their bubs only cried for a few seconds or not at all.

I haven't got my DD's done yet. Gonna wait till she's a bit older and can ask for them. But I don't judge anyone on doing it early.
I have no idea about the age requirements.

Its such a personal decision whether to get them done and also what age you feel is best.

I personally don't like the look of earrings on children under 5 but that's just me. I would probably look at getting them done around 8ish. smile
DD1 was 8 weeks
DD2 was 9 weeks

We used numbing cream on both and neither of them even flinched. If they dont like them when they are older then they can simply take them out.

My daughter was 5 months old when I got her ears pierced. She is now 4 yrs old and loves her earrings. I think its personal choice, like alot of other decisions make for their children that I wont mention lol
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