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Odd Socks! Lock Rss

I Was taking DD to the playcentre this morning and i put on her socks and shoes 10 mins before we left, in the mean time of me finding the keys and finishing putting the dishes away she somehow put on different socks and her shoes back on.

We go to the playcentre and of course she was off the second i took off her shoes, the next minute to my horror she had odd socks on, i was mortified and had no spares!!

I then looked around and noticed quite a few kids had odd socks on, now is this kids dressing themselves(DD normally helps with the washing and matching socks so i know she can match), or them showing their colourful personalities or their parents having so many odd ones they put any on??? <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
It could have been worse.

Your DD sounds like my DP haha. You go through, pair up all the socks so they never have to wear odd ones, yet they still manage to do it.. Don't worry too much!

Lol yep my kids wear odd socks. If we don't have any clean pairs then they get odd ones. Didn't you know it's cool to wear odd socks laugh Everyone used to wear odd socks when I was in highschool

the only place my kids would wear odd socks is at a play centre, becauae i have lost so many there, not pairs, just one sock! but apart from there, matching socks are a must, i even try to match their socks with their clothes smile

DH was folding the washing on the weekend and sorted out my 2 boys sock draw (they share a roon and are the same size) and had 18 odd socks, so they are the ones i want to "lose" at a playcentre.
He He ladies, maybe i shouldn't be worried and i clearly need to keep up with the trends!!! laugh

Maybe i'll use her odd ones in future for the PC, i seriously think the washing machine eats them as i put 2 in for sure, then hang them and yes one is missing everytime!!
Its a luxory in this house to have matching socks, for anyone. Don't now where they go but I stopped caring ages ago. With pants on most people don't see and with a dress they wear tights. The boy always wears gumboots so meh.
I'd love to wear matching socks but I HATE folding washing so it's aquick hunt through the clean washing pile for socks of matching thickness lol tongue
Just finding 1 pair of socks in this house is a mission!!! I'm absolutely positive I have a sock-monster living in my washing machine cos I always put pairs in and and you can bet at least 1 sock will disappear almost every load.

These days ALL socks go in a laundry bag, zipped shut and then pinned to make doubly sure they don't escape. Last fortnight I went through all our odd socks and there was 2 shopping bags full that didn't get paired!! kids wear odd socks all the time...especially DD2 cos she unpairs them to wear odd socks on purpose!!!

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

Odd socks is one of those things that baffles me.... DH and I have never ever cared about whether we are wearing matching socks or not. Its not a decision we made,its not us trying to make a statement, its just an indifferent subject. A sock is a sock. They are in our shoes so the only time people will see is if we take our shoes off. People always make comments if they see it though... there is so much more to life then whether a garment that nobody sees is perfectly matched or not..... its such a non issue.
Dp and I always have odd socks I've been wearing odd socks since I was a kid ad long as there the same thinkness I don't care.. But in saying that I don't put odd socks on dd I don't no y I just always pair hers when I put them away.. I have a thing I can't wash socks with undies so I always have loads of dirty socks in the laundry basket and only wash them when we r running low :-/ lOl
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