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Do you know what would be good? Lock Rss

A boob lift.

That is all.
Lol. I'd just like to get boobs. Full stop.

lol i say a boob job is in order!

now where did i plant my money tree....
Can I take it off my bum and remove one of my chins to fill out my boobs???? roll eyes

you can have my thunder thighs too if you want laugh
Thanks but I already have my own sad

My boobs are the exact same size as they used to be and i'm happy with's just that they've just become more shy since having DD. (ie: they're always looking down at my feet!)

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

Oh yeah boob job would be fantastic. I would love one I've been wanting one since I had DD1... Don't think it will ever happen. I would also love some lippo suction done to!
Definately a Boobie enhancement! I feel like given the demand, such jobs should be covered under Medicare!
lol that doesn't sound like a bad idea laugh

I dont want a boob enhancement..just a lift..god only knows i don't need bigger breasts..i just want them sitting back to where they should be tongue
With the horrid 'pouch' I've been left with from putting on way too much weight with my first pregnancy.. I would definitely consider a tummy tuck once I'm finished having kids.... We'll see how the boobs go lol
lol nat and jeff i know what u mean tongue mine is SLOWLY going...bit of quicker help to move it along would be good tongue

layla when you win tatts throw some my way wink hahaha
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