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I am stuck in hospital..... :( Lock Rss

SO here i am in hospital!!!! It majorly sucks. I have had high blood pressure since dd was born and the last month it has sky rocketed. I got a refferal to a heart specialist 2 weeks ago and it just keeps getting worse the longer I wait!!!! Two nights ago it was 180 over 122 and my doc was really concerned, at that stage I had not started medication, I was still waiting for my appointment with the heart specialist(still am now) The last two days they have done test after test and today my bp is 190 over 160 and it is so high I am risk of a stroke. sad i have slightly blurred vision so it is enough for me to be admitted although they have started me on meds I will have to wait atleast two days for it all to settle down. I miss dd so much and it has only been three hours atleast dh brought my laptop in for me and huggies might keep me sane, well just a bit of a whinge I wish this could all end!!!! I am only 20 and I have to worry about a stroke they have no idea why I have high BP either.

Oh that is awful for you. Try to stay calm though. At least they are doing something for you, not just sending you home with medications & 'see how it goes' kind of message. You are in the best place right now & won't be long before you see your little precious. All the best to you. xxx
I had PE and HELLP with my first bub and had an emergency c-section at 30 weeks. She was a tiny 2pd 2oz, and I totally know how it feels to have high blood pressure! I'm 19 and have higher blood pressure than most old people, annoys me soooo much! I can definatley sympathize with you smile
Good luck sad

Eat lots of Olive oil smile They were saying on the news last night how good it was in preventing strokes.

I hope it all gets better soon!!

thanks guys...waiting for xray results they think it may be a valve in my heart..... gasp so now i just wait!!!

Aw that must suck sad but i guess as others said it is the best place to be right now. Hope they can get it lowered and u can go home asap xx
Been thinking about you. How's are you going? Is there any news from your test results? Hope you are feeling a lot better & less stressed. Big hugs xxx (Have you seen your little one yet?)
Gosh im so sorry to hear that. I hope you are doing ok today.

Any more news??

Keep us updated. Thinking of you.
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