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Can someone answer a Lock Rss

hypothetically for me that would be ovualtion pains. can happen on left or right depends which side the egg is being released from this month

Unless there were some positions being done that could of pulled a muscle I would go with ovulation pain I hurt when I ovulate usually my right side But that's what I would be thinking

was it vigorous sex? then an oblique could of been pulled, or not too sure but could be appendix (don't know what side they are on).
I don't think you would feel it that early for a pregnancy but could always be possible

Your appendix is on the right side smile
I have a nice scar so I will never forget lol
Fingers crossed for the ovulation pain, it could otherwise be kidney stones/kidney infection

More than likely strained muscle pains, but appendix can have referred pain. If it gets worse throughout the day, I'd be seeking medical attention. Hope all is ok.
Down the leg too? Just on one side? I would say the sex has aggravated a nerve in the pelvic area and is causing the pain. If it doesnt pass soon i would go to the doc smile
UMMM... when was the last time this person did a poo?? Opposite your hip bone is the last corner of the colon, it may be upset.
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Hypothetically it could be just about anything lol Could be ovulation, could be strained muscle...crap Ive done that just picking up the kids on occassion, could be kidney infection or a symptom of dehydration, could be an intestinal issue or even just phantom pain lol

Maybe this person skippy needs to get the morning after pill if its not with a long term partner or husband.

... also could have pulled a muscle especially if she was on top
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