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Be Aware - New scam in Australia Lock Rss

I had some guy come to my door yesterday saying he needed to see my most recent electricity bill to rectify it. Um... no thanks!! Stupid thing was he knocked on my door half an hour later trying to scam me again, forgetting he had already been to my house.

I had some guy at my old house try the electricity one, and I said no not interested, then shut the door and left, he walked off and i went off to do something, walked up the ahllway a minute later and saw thru the window he was looking in my letterbox! I opened the door and yelled at him, and he left, but he had obviously already got the details. I few months later I rang my gas and electrcity supplier coz I hadnt received a bill for AGES, and they didnt even have ana ctive account anymore- it had been transferred to a diff company, i rang them and explained what happened, they sent me a bill- with a $299 fee for returning to my old provider! Needless to say i didnt pay them a cent and they cleared my account with no credit referral when I asked to see the signature on the form that I was supposed to have filled out!

Someone just rang me from the "Windows operating system company" (WTF) and tried to tell me my computer's been infected with a virus... before she could finish I said "oh wow that sounds really bad!" she said - "it is ma'am, you need to..." then I interrupted her and said I wasn't stupid enough to download the software she was about to tell me to download. Then she said "no, ma'am, I'm the one who's making you stupid" - LMAO - you idiot! do you even realise what you just said!
I told her I wasn't stupid enough to fall for that scam, but she kept talking so in the end I just told her to F$^% OFF!
Yea they rang us and luckily my husband answered. He thought it was a bit odd and told them if we had a problem with our computer we would use AppleCare which we paid for when we bought our I Mac computer. The guy hung up straight away once he realised we had an Apple computer because apparently they are hard computers to hack into.
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