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Needing suggestions.. Lock Rss

So, because it's freezing (I've got the fire going, but think I need to turn the oven on too)
I'm wondering what I can bake that is a bit out of the norm? (for me)


Sausage rolls
Carrot cake

Might even make some jam drops and choc chip cookies.


DP had to go to work today.. he'd already taken 3 days off to spend with me on my maternal leave boredom *sigh*

We even bought a 3 foot fish tank and set it up, to go with our smaller one. We'll make it a tropical tank. Now I have something to stare at in this infinite boredom.

Can't go to kmart to pick up DPs bday present- he works right next to kmart, so he'll see me walking out with it. Can't pick it up when he's home because he'll cotton on to me doing something suss. It isn't small either :/ Cheeky brat apparently unwraps and re-wraps his presents according to his mother- so I won't be leaving it anywhere accessible!
Need a fit ball to bounce on.


How is your day going? Why?

I would love to bake but the oven is broken sad not that im a good baker. Somthing i made the other week that was nice was pizza scrolls. DD is spending the day with her nana and aunt at netball while i go with mil and do deliveries soonish. Fx DS sleeps in the car DP was meant to have the kids but had to help a family friend. Im driving today which is good all my hours are void so need to get to 50 hours again. I have a goal i need my P's by my 21st so have 6 months to get them. I have been on my learners for 5 years and now with 2 children i really need them. Our area doesn't need public transport so the government thinks <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
Dear me u r bored lol

Go the carrot cake!! I say this because I looove carrot cake and just the thought of someone making it is making me drool.... Mmmmmmm the icing!!

Anywho, can u get a friend to go get dp's present?

Today I am sitting on my big red couch with my 2 and a half y/o DS like I do every day because this all day sickness (although it is easing thank god) is a pain in the ass cbf moving!! Lol

Hope the baking is a success smile

Goodluck getting your licence My2T, you've got small town syndrome too? Think there is one 'community' bus where I am.. It does a lap at 10am and another lap at about 3pm.

cs82, Carrot cake could be the go- but will need to go get cream cheese for the icing!!
Being sick isn't good sad But it's a great reason to do nothing & feel good about it!! heh heh

I think some visitors might be nice, you know, who can share the cup cakes I made yesterday & drink tea.

Hope they won't mind me still being in my dressing gown though, wearing DPs 'grandpa' slippers... lol.. maybe it's time to get dressed.
As for DPs present.. yes.. but they don't get to town for about 4 weeks (when baby is due), and his birthday is like- next week.

Thinking I might pay all but $2 off of the lay by, and on his birthday I'll give him a card with $2 in it grin He'd be like wtf??? I'd be like 'yeah.. tip for last night' hehehe

Lol priceless!! And draw him like a treasure map leading to k-mart lay-by dept ha ha smile

I need some company too, house is a mess but meh smile

Just arranged furniture in the nursery.
Paint spots all over the floor boards :/
Got dressed.
thought I heard the front gate open. Then got disappointed.

i havent read the rest of the replies, but you can take the item to the LAYBY counter and ask for them to take it out the back to pick it up at their back dock... Then he wont see you walking out with it smile
Hope you had a good day smile

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