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Organ Donation Lock Rss

Dh and I are all for organ donation we're both on the organ donation register. We both do realise that family over ride the register but we both know each other's wishes. I've threated the I'll haunt you if don't support my wishes when I'm gone.
I won't need my bits and pieces after I'm dead, so why shouldn't they be given to someone who needs them? [url=][img]http://serve.mysmi...]

I'm pretty sure I'm all registered - I've done it on my licence and I'm pretty sure I've done it on the actual registry, but will check.

Not actually 100% sure on DH... I think he's a bit unsure over whether he would or not...
Must find out <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Both DH and I are donors (as a PP said I would hope the doctors would try to save me first ). If I could help to save just one life it would be all worth it. I am not huge on religion but I do believe that I will go somewhere when I die however I don't think that I will need my physical organs to be there just my own view though smile
When I first got my drivers licence I was asked if I wanted to be and said no. I had this fear of not being buried or cremated as a whole person, ridiculous I know ( 17 year old brains can work in strange ways) This only lasted a short time before I saw the madness and have been on the register for a long time now, along with DH. We both want to be donors and have agreed to do so when the time comes.

I find it a little odd especially for parents who choose not to be donors. I hope that should one of my children ever need it ( I hope that day never comes) that they would be saved by the generosity of an organ donor and their family.

All the ads about organ donation latley got me thinking, how many people are actually organ donors? Im all for it smile id like to think i could help someone when they needed it. I had a friends mum tell me one day that she is against it as when she dies they will take her eyes and she wants to see when she goes to heaven!!

So are you for or against??


I'm all for it, I'm a registered organ donor... I've no use for my body parts once I'm gone and they could possibly save a life or improve the quality of someones life.
I am all for organ donation. The way I see it is I won't need my organs when I die, so why not donate them to others who could get a second chance in life? My dh on the other hand isn't keen on the idea though, and that's his choice. I am an organ donor on my drivers licence, but haven't officially registered as yet.

DH and I are all for it. Reading this made me go and pick up the form to officially register.

I've spoken to my parents and they know my wishes, in the event something happens to DH and I at the same time. Don't know whether he's spoken to his parents or not yet. We had a general chat with them years ago but not sure they remember!
Hubby and I are both 'For'
To be honest I didn't particularly care either way until nearly two years ago when my cousin's fiancee committed suicide and he was a donor. As much as it was heartbreaking to our family that he passed away my cousin was actually informed of the 4 different lives he saved. ...So that week, I made sure it was known in my will that I am all for it!
My family know my wishes, and I would be ecstatic if every organ/ tissue was used to help others. (But, do want the docs to have a very hard effort to save me first). I have threatened to haunt them otherwise.

It actually annoys me when people are against it, as I'm sure they wouldn't knock back that kidney to save their own life.

I'm not against organ donation in general but I will not donate organs.

I will also not accept any.

I think your annoyance is empty because you may find the majority of people whom don't become organ donators wouldn't accept one either. For example some peoples' religion dictates that blood should not be taken from their body or passed between people so they do not donate or accept blood or have blood tests.

[url=" this out[/url]

This link might upset you or help you understand. Either way it's interesting.

It annoys me that your annoyed because it's like saying your annoyed that other people don't share your beliefs/choices. lol. If that makes sense.

Not having a dig just sharing my oppinion.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

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