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ZoZoSarah - you around? Lock Rss

Because i love wub reading your posts (- they are always so well put & well thought out) & because you have been so patient & forthcoming with the huggies forum, answering yet another question for me?

I am wondering what the general feeling is with your friends about the new burqa law?

It may be a little early - i dont know, but you guys would've talked about it prior to it being mandated?

I am heading out today so will check in later wink

TIA zozosarah

**this is not up for debate in this thread**
just bumping

interested to hear what she has to say smile

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

thanks for wanting to know my two cents LOL...well i think even though they are saying they introduced a new law it actually isnt a new law at all as police officers have the legal right to take into custody anyone who they cannot confirm the identity of so i think really it was the police force making public that they have dealt with the situation so they can quell any public unrest about the situation and they also just clarified the law to include all face coverings including the burqa..because in reality in order to pass a whole new law does not happen in two weeks it has to go through all different channels to get i think there is not much difference as there was before just that this particular topic has been thrust into the spotlight and because people have such an opinion on it laws that were already in place have just been clarified for eveveryone which i think is fine i mean i prefer this then banning it altogether

Thanks ZoZoSarah
All though i dont agree - i do appreciate & respect your opinion!

It will be interesting to see what happens the first time the police force wish to use this new law! That will be the next exciting debate in Huggs

Hope you are well ZoZoSarah!
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