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Just a Vent Lock Rss

Gosh people can be so rude! So what even if he is a mummys boy, he is 1 year old, still a baby! And hey most 1 year olds are mummys boys or girls. As for the sleeping who would leave a bub who has been unwell to cry it out. Good on you for standing up for yourself and your bub!

Wow, she sounds really rude, for one: who tells someone what they should and shouldnt be doing with their baby and calls their baby a "mummys boy" - he's not yet one for goodness sake and two, who does she think she is talking to you like that.

Not much of a friend!
Oh boy I wish I had a friend like that roll eyes Sounds like someone else who doesn't know the difference between being honest and being a bit*h.

I'm sorry but saying something like that to a " close " friend is downright rude. If your happy being home and being as she says just a mum, ( though I did have to laugh at that bit because isn't that the most rewarding feeling that a majority of people can feel? ) then why should it bother her? Doesn't she care that this makes you happy?

And calling your son a mummys boy, uh well that's normal considering he is only one! geez it's not like he's 20 years old yet..then i might be sort of worried laugh

Anyway you do what makes you happy love and don't worry what anyone else says. Especially considering you weren't even asking for advice huh
It's amazing how sometimes a vent turns into unsolicited advice. blink

I just nod my head, say nothing, and carry on doing what I've been doing. laugh I then go and vent to someone else about how horribly rude someone was for giving me 'advice' when I wasn't asking for it. PMSL

I understand how your feeling at the moment DD is still getting over the flu and for the last 3 weeks has been really clingy and waking up all through the night which has been hard as I work 3 days a week.

Does your friend have kids? normally those sorts of comments come from people who either don't have kids or have those few rare ones that sleep through the night.
Good on you for standing by yourself and your baby! I think its great that you did that and didn't let her bully you! I have a mummies girl and although it can be tiring coz its you they want all the time, I am glad she is one (she's only 2.5) she has plenty of time to become more independant without me around!
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