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I'm interested to know how much your partner works each week in payed employment and how much they contribute at home?? Things like cooking, cleaning, kids etc. Just wanted to know what agreement you have come to within your family... And are you happy with how it works? Thanks smile
He helps me around the house when he sees i need a hand but i do not expect him to do anything really. He works very long hours (up to 160 hrs a fortnight some times) and 6 days a week to support this family and i see it is my job to do the house work. I am very old fashioned though and this is just my opinion.
I think I'm pretty lucky with mine, here's our usual week:

He starts work at 7am, leaves about 6.45, he knows the kids wake up just as he leaves so makes their milk and leaves it beside my bed when he kisses me goodbye.

Comes home around 5pm most days unless he does overtime. I have usually cooked dinner by then. If he wants something in particular that I don't like or can't cook, he will cook. We share kids duties until they go to bed between 630 and 7pm (but usually they want him anyway). Then the evening to ourselves, he claims control of the remote

He finishes work early on a friday, so has a couple of hours to do what he wants until I expect him home (but if I ask, he will come straight home)

Weekends, I work one day, he has the kids, and as soon as I walk in the door he hands them over and goes out to the garage.

The other day on the weekend, we share kids and housework and do the grocery shopping together, but he still gets a fair bit of time out in the garage.

I'm interested to know how much your partner works each week in payed employment and how much they contribute at home?? Things like cooking, cleaning, kids etc. Just wanted to know what agreement you have come to within your family... And are you happy with how it works? Thanks smile

My DH works between 40-50 hours a week on different shifts and also 1 weekend a month. When he's home he contributes alot, I do all the family finances (budget and bill paying), buy all the gifts, organise family gatherings, organise holidays, medical appointments, grocery shopping and more of the inside stuff, house cleaning, cooking, washing and the kids and he does more the outside stuff like garden, lawns, home maintenance inside and out but he also contributes with cooking sometimes and will bathe the kids, do the school run, help with dressing, brushing teeth, whatever is needed and he plays with them alot.

We never sat down and said you do this and I'll do that, both just realise that as I'm a SAHM most of the home and kid stuff falls to me but when he's home he loves being with the kids and will do as much as he can for them as well as help me. I got me a good one and am very happy with how it all works smile
Until I went on maternity leave it went like this:
He works from 7.30am until 5.00 pm each day (Mon to Fri) but only works 10 mins from home so the commute time is pretty short. I would leave home at 7.30 and drop DD off at daycare, then work until 4 and pick her up. I'd get home about 4.30 and cook dinner, we'd eat then I'd get DD ready for bed, once she was in bed (at about 7.30) I would do housework until about 9 then do school work until about 11 then go to bed and do it all again the next day.
DH is in charge of outside the house and I'm in charge of inside. He doesn't 'see' mess - I don't know how to get this to change, 10 years of trying hasn't had much effect. He doesn't help with housework, but doesn't really sit around either, he is always off somewhere cutting trees down etc.
I had a bit of a meltdown, when pregnant with a 2 year old and working full time and hired a cleaner for 2 hours a week as I had no time to do ANYTHING I wanted to do for myself.
Anyway, now I am on maternity leave for a year and everything is the same except I don't have to work 50 hours a week along with everything else!! YAY!!! I'm not looking forward to this time next year when I'm back at work and have to fit the 50 hours back in somehow sad
My DH does FIFO 4 weeks on 1 week off but the last time he was here for 2 weeks grin He helps out alot around the house and with the kids, lets me have some sleep ins, does washing, general housework and some cooking. We pretty much share the housework etc when hes home as we both need a break by that time! smile He's pretty damn good I gotta say tongue
hubby and i run a business, so he does alot of hours.
At home he does more than he really should. He will cook dinner and brekky while i deal with the kids and he wash up. He doing alot more at the moment while i recover from the c-section. Plus i can wake him up during the night to get him to hold little man while i run to the toliet.
He driving me anywhere i ask him has long has he finish work for the day.

DH does all the outside stuff, car stuff, vacuums the house and cleans the windows. He works 8am - 5pm (9 day fortnight), with a 15 minute commute. He has DD if I have a market on the weekend or run a tutoring session on his RDO.

I pretty much do everything else inside the house, all the finance related stuff and all the kidlet related stuff. I work 2 days a week 7.45am - 3.30pm with a 10 minute commute and tutor after work until 5pm.

I often wish he would give me more of a hand around the house and with DD, because he does seem to find a lot of time to watch movies/soccer and play Playstation, while I barely find time to sit down and have 5 minutes to myself.
DH leaves at 6:30am and normally doesnt get home until 6:30/7pm and he works most saturdays as well. He does all the gardening as I have a blackthumb and he enjoys it anyway. He also tends to wash the cars as he hates them being dirty where its not something I think about much. I do all the cooking as he just isnt home in time. I do all the housework, shopping, remember all birthdays, events etc. He always does shower/bath time with the kids. If I have a load of washing that needs to be hung out then he will so that as well.
He used to do interstate driving and then did shift work so when he was home during the day he did more to help out but by the time he gets home its all done. Oh and I make all his lunches as I like doing it for him.
When we both worked he cooked on his days off so diner was ready for when I got home and he did do housework as well. When I go back to work eventually then he will help out more again as I wont b=have the time like I do now.

i think i am very lucky with the amount DH puts in at home. He starts at 6am every morning, but because he is the manager he can leave early if i need him, but mostly he stays still at least 4pm, so i'd say between 45-55 hours a week, including every second saturday. I work 3 days a week, with 2 days at home with the boys.

i'd say we both contribute fairly evenly, he cooks sometimes, does laundry if he sees a load ready to go, anything really. on the days he does leave early and i'm working, he'll tidy the house, and get dinner ready and whatever ever else is needing to be done. he also does everything outside, lawns, gardens, pooper scoopering, bins out.

with me now 36 weeks pregnant, he has been doing even more for me but i have said when i am finished work and at home everyday, thats where i step up and do my "home" job, but i know he'll still be helping out, but he doesn't see it as helping out, just running the household!
thanks for your replies. It's interesting to know how it works in other peoples house holds.

When i am not pregnant, my hubby works 50 hours a week and helps out 50/50 with the kids when he is home. When it comes to housework i do everything except dishes, he often does them after dinner. I also do all the cooking. He mows lawns or if i ask to do something like hang out a load of washing etc he will do it no problems. He always offers his help but i generally find it better done my way wink

He is awesome, lets me have sleep ins or has the kids whenever i want to go out.

Now that i am pregnant he is doing quite a lot more....(not really housework wise just more physical stuff with the kids)

I guess we kind of live by the mentality that sometimes within our marraige, there will be times when one person will have to give more than the other to support the dynammics of the family. For example while i am pregnant he may give a lot more than me....and during other times i may put in much more than him. It all balances out in the end i guess smile
my hubby is teacher, leaves home around 7.30 and gets home between 2.30- 6pm depending on the day.At home he does heaps, his own laundry, changes the sheets whe necesary(sp), all the outside work(mowing, gardens etc) .He is always working on some sort of project.He does a lot with the kids too.He does not cook but will vacuum and clean in general, usually better and more regularly than me.I am on a good wicket and know it.I am currently a sahm, not really looking for work either

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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