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Sorry ladies DP is still at work doing overtime again and I need to have a sook!!

I am currently on a 6 week placement block for uni and I am working 6 days a week atm and only getting paid for one, I am travelling an hour and a half each day to get to and from placement, the kids are sooky and clingy because they are not use to me being at work so much (I only usually work 4 days a week) and I am just so over it. I feel like the worst mother in the world because I hardly get to see them and when I do I am cranky because I am tried and I am to busy just trying to get the basics done like washing and cooking to spend quality time with them.

I feel like chucking it all in even though I only have 2 more units of theroy classes (all online) to do but its all the placement that is doing my head in and DP tries his best to help but he just dose not get it. I still have another week and a half of this placement then I have a four week and 2 two week placement block coming up.

Thanks for getting this far no real point to this thread I am just over uni!!!!

Ahhh hun that sounds pretty crappy! Is there any way that you can talk to them about doing 1 less day or something? It sounds like a pretty valid reason but im not sure how it all works. Just keep in mind its only temporary and worth it in the long run!! Im sure it still sucks big time though try to hang in there, your kids will thank you for it later on, they might not know it now. It must be hard on you, your a supermum! You should be proud of what your doing for your family xxxxxxxx
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