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DS2 is just over 3mths old and lately he has been very cranky(which is out of character for him), irritable, drooling alot, is contantly sucking his hands and shoves my fingers in his mouth if he gets the chance, he has a runny nose and a cough, gets a lil temp every now n then.

Im so confused i have several baby books 2 of them say that when teething babies can have flu like symptoms then in another it says thats not true.

If he is teething what can i do to help him?

Please help!
My bubs been teething since before she was 3 months = / so def possible, can you see or feel any little white bumps in bubs mouth? If so may def be teething

Could be just sick to if bub has a runny nose and a cough going on or could have both = )

Double check with your GP although most the time they wont tell you if its teething or not they just say yes it could be = S not very helpful

If it is teething you can wet a washer and put in the freezer for a little and let bub chew on it, i freeze watermellon sticks for my bub to chew on you can also buy little teething things for them that hold ice blocks and they can chew on that if bub can get their mouth around it, teething rings are great if there the front teeth. There are teething gels just be careful of which ones you use as some have had bad reports back on them and most say not to use before 4/6 months. Distract bub when ever the teeth seem to be more irritating for bub, so lots of story times and playing with toys singing dancing anything that will distract bub for a bit. When Tahlia gets really grumpy from them i take her in the shower and just sit in the shower her and let her play with her bath toys, she finds the water hitting her back calming for her so could try something like that if you have the time.

Best of luck!
Thanks have a DRs app. this morning so we'll see how we go. Thanks smile
Definitely DS1 got his first two teeth when he'd just turned 4months old and was teething from around 2months old...DS2 is now just two months and he sucks his hands ALOT, has been a bit irritable lately and just wanting to suck/chew anything, he also drools..I'm unsure whether it's teething but it's not impossible smile
DD started teething at 3 months and cut her first tooth a week before 4 months old. Even the health nurse told me she was too young to be teething..... DD always gets a runny nose but I am unsure whether your DS's cough would be teething related?

Brauer teething relief might be an option- it's natural so if you give him few doses and see an improvement I'd assume it's teething smile
DD is 10 weeks old and 3 weeks ago she started to get her 1st tooth! sad It has just pierced the gum and seems to have stopped moving! But it is definitely there. poor little thing cant even grab anything to chew on as she is still so young!

We got some teething gel from the hospital which has been brilliant and a little bit of panadol every now and then when she becomes really stressed. smile
Although it is possible...

My DS did this at 3 months too and it lasted all of about a week and I strongly believe it had to do with a growth spurt or 'wonder week'. Everyone told me he was teething and I'm like, no he isn't there is nothing there...??? And he's 6 months now and I can only just feel little lumps.
My little boy cut his first tooth at just 3 months and it wasn't the usual front bottom ones - from what i can work out it was his right canine. He was drooling and sucking and chewing for about 2 weeks prior, then after one long evening and crying (and a stressed out husband calling me home from a hens night:-)) there was the little white peak. I think the first is the hardest for then because since then he has cut his center bottom two with only mind symptoms - now just 5 months and already 3 teeth - dont tell me its not possible!
My little girl got her first tooth at 11 months and now another tooth has come in.

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