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People have been telling me to take caster oil to induce labour. While I have heard of people doing it I have never known anyone that has done it.

So I thought I would ask the huggies mums and see what the verdict was.

Have you taken caster oil or similar?
How much did you take?
Did it give you the runs?
Where do you buy it from because Im not exactly sure what it is?
And did it work?

Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

I did take it in orange juice - it was only good for giving me the runs took 30mls in oj, buy it from the chemist and no it didnt work

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Dont do it. Not only does it give you the runs, but it also can go through the babies bowels resulting in them pooing, therefore needing a possible emergency c-section. My midwife told me if your gunna try something then whatever but just dont do caster oil. Very dangerous.
I heard alot of things to bring on labour. I didnt use Castor oil but i did walk around the block. And i think the next morning i went into labour!
my friend jumped on one of those little trampolines for a hour had him the next morning
i havent ever taken anything to induce labour both have been spontaneous, i figure bub will come when its ready and when my body has prepared itself

but my cuz took castor oil with both of her DDs , she got the runs baddly, it did work (or at least it seemed to) she took about 50ml straight (yuk) and went into labour about 8hrs later both times...but BOTH labours were VERY long DD1 was 23hrs and nearly ended in a c-sect and DD2 was 18hrs and also nearly a c-sect.. from what she told me she went into labour and her uterus started contracting against a cervix that was not ready for it yet, even the hormone gel wouldnt work, she was pushing against a wall. youd think after DD1 shed learn and we all told her not to take the oil again but she did and said of it wont do that again it wasnt to oil that made labour so bad..itll be fine

dont do it its so not worth the risk, but each to their own i guess
I am 2 days away from my due date and am desperate to get this baby out, I have been taking raspberry leaf tea and have also been on walks and still nothing so i decided to get some castor oil and took one dose where it gave me the runs really bad with nausea but didnt bring on labour, I have decided to take another dose of castor oil tonight to see if anything happens if not i wont be taking it again - its such a horrible thing to swallow down.
But i guess some things work for some and not others i guess.

good luck!!
Please don't, it will just give you the runs really badly. Mum works in a maternity hospital - she was telling me about one lady who took some and did happen to go into labour. She spent the whole thing with the runs - not a pleasant experience for her, hubby, the midwives or the doctor! Nothing will work if your body and the baby isn't ready, it will happen when it's meant to.
My midwife wouldnt allow me to do it, just gives you the runs and dehydrates you, if it does work it only works from irritating the bowels which a bowel of curry does too.
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