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Tell me girls.... Lock Rss

Or am I totally imagining it?? And if it's this faint, could it be wrong??? I'm not quite sure what to think!!

Well thats what mine looked like this time... so I'd say a congrats may well be in order!!!
2 lines!! smile
eeeek!!! I'm not quite allowing myself to believe it yet - am going to re-test in the morning with another. smile

Thing is I've had no symptoms whatsoever... plus I started getting some pimples in the last week which I always get before af is due... but af was due yesterday and no sign of. Last time I knew way before testing because I couldn't even put my arms down properly without my boobs being excruciatingly painful!

Im def saying 2 pink lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do it again in the morning with ur morning pee!! good luck hunni I hope u get a darker result 2morrow then go 2 the dr ahhh good luck I remeber my bfp
congratualations !!!!!
Give it another couple of days and then re-test, but I'd say that was a ++ve too. Congratulations!
Looks like congratulations are in order grin

I got a faint line like that with my boys and disregarded it, tested just over a week later and it came up as dark as the control line
Definitely a positive. Congrats smile
There goes that glass of wine I was going to have tonight! grin

lol , will let you know in the morning! is very very faint but.... shouldn't get my hopes up.

I am thinking two lines is two lines. I too would retest in a couple days but if all goes well I think congratulations are in order smile
mine was that light smile exciting!
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