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Tell me girls.... Lock Rss

Looks pos to me!
I've been wondering where you've been lately *insert lightbulb here* someones been busy gettin jiggy! lol. I'll keep my eyes crossed for you! (just hope the wind doesn't change direction!)

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

Congratulations!! If thats not a positive, I don't know what is!!! How far along do you think you are?

Up the duff.....mine looked like that....take care and best of luck for a lovely pregnancy

Is the test an internet cheapie? My first test with this bub looked like that (2 days before AF). I took a first response which was a definite positive. The cheapies were always very faint for me, even when I was several weeks along. Well ... I had the tests sitting there - may as well use them lol.
My first test with DD1 wasn't as dark as that. Congrats!
Looks like you are UTD!! Ok when I first looked I honestly thought I was looking for a ghost lmao I was like "I cant see anything" Than i realised there was a pregnancy test in the middle lmfao!! eekk long day

Looks like two lines to me - can't wait to hear the results of tomorrows test!! grin grin
How exciting! Congrats!!! smile
Definately 2 lines grin congrats smile
Yep they are cheapies.... the bulk pack of 15 off eBay because I am a serial poas girl! Lol! IF I am utd it would be only 4 weeks. I will do another cheapie test in the am and then go get a more expensive one to triple check.

Dammit I've been trying to think that I'm NOT utd to avoid disappointment but you girls are getting me all excited!! Lol

Looks positive to me

Good luck this morning, i hope that line is a little darker because i think its defo there!!

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