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Koolaman personalised jewellery-do you have any? Lock Rss

OK, so I've always wanted one of those personalised necklaces with two rings - one with DD1's name and dob and another for DD2. But to be honest I could never warrant spending $200-$300 on myself. But my mum has just won some money and is giving us a few thousand, so I've decided to lash out and finally get one.

Do you have a Koolaman one? If so, any tips for ordering online etc? Or do you have another branded one that you could recommend?
I bought one for my mum for Christmas last year. I got the family circle with the names of myself and 2 younger sisters. It is beautiful, Mum wears it all the time, they were quick to deliver and wrote a personalised thank you note for purchasing from them.

If its a piece you are going to wear alot I would definatly say its worth the money I couldn't have been happier and will look into one myself when my little one comes along. smile
I've wanted something like this for a while but wanted to wait for no 2 to arrive. He's 10 weeks old now and I went to order a pendant last week I was tossing up between Koolaman and Smallprints but I ended up ordering 2 pendants from Tiffany & Co for the same price as Koolaman. The only thing was that I could only get the boys initials engraved on them not their full names and dob. Totally love them though and glad I chose to go that way.

Enjoy spending a few dollars on yourself.

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

They might not have the exact same design you're after but check out also

Mrs Fickle and the Loopy Pear She used to be a huggies member but not sure if she still is. My sister and I have both bought lovely pieces from her.

Lovestamp I have also bought from her.

Little Loves jewellery I have also bought a gift from this one.

Just a couple of other options. I thought Koolamon were extremely expensive, but I guess if you've got the money and you cant find the design you want elsewhere then go for it. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Edited to add, you can also find all of these on Facebook.
I spent a lot of time researching the same thing! I decided on an Uberkate and I'm so glad I did. I actually saw the Koolaman ones at some markets and they looked quite cheap and not well made so I'm pleased I didn't get one. However the Uberkates are beautiful and I just LOVE mine! It's the kind of piece I can wear every day and add to if I have more kids. The design is very classic so I'll be able to keep it and hand it down to my daughter one day. Have a look at her website Good Luck!!
I personally am a big fan of Koolaman. I first noticed them on Johanna Griggs – sadly watching Better Homes & Gardens with a glass of wine is about as exciting as my Friday nights get these days! I too did a lot of research into the various companies that offer similar things and checked a few out at the Pregnancy Baby Expo last year. In the end I decided on Koolaman as I liked their classic designs which I thought were very elegant and feeling them, the weight etc made them feel like better quality compared with some of the cheaper options available and just as good if not better than some of the more expensive ones. I ended up getting two of the dog tags, one with little man’s name and DOB and the other with mine & hubbies name and our wedding date. I ordered online as my head was spinng at the baby expo! I wear them every day, in the shower etc and they are still looking good 6 months on. I guess that the stamped look wouldn’t be to everyone’s liking as it is not as 100% perfect as engraving, but I have to say that mine are pretty darn close! Enjoy treating yourself whatever you end up deciding!
I personally own 2 pieces of Koolaman jewellery, the charlotte necklace as well as a fine ball chain with mama pendants (x2). I have two very active children aged 4 and 2 years old and we also live a very active lifestyle as farmers. I wear my chain and pendants with my little girl's names and birthdates printed on them almost everyday and am constantly astounded that they have stood the test of time given our lifestyle! My kids are constantly pulling on the chain around my neck and not once has it even looked close to breaking. The Charlotte necklace is absolutely beautiful in person and I am constantly complimented on it and asked where I purchased it from. I have worn it to many weddings and formal events as well as dressing up a casual outfit. The service that I received from the ladies at Koolaman was supurb, including as one other member mentioned a personalised thank you note, and the packaging was beautiful also. Not to mention my items arrived at lightning speed! I have since purchased a necklace for my Mum as a birthday present and she too cannot fault the product! I would highly recommend Koolaman Designs for quality, customer service and value for money!
I have purchased....hmm.... 6 pieces from Mrs Fickle and the Loopy Pear... lol Mrs Fickles workmanship is awesome and her prices are very reasonable. My most recent purchase was a lovely O with my kids names stamped on them. Check her out on Etsy too.

There are alot of stamping pages on FB, but you really do notice a severe drop in quality and materials that some of the others use.

Is OVER rude people

I would definitely recommend Koolaman Designs. I bought two of the smaller
circles which are about the size of a 5 cent piece, I think they are called
'Kate'. Each pendant has one child's name and DOB on them and I love having
my girls close to me all the time. I wear them all the time and get so many
comments on them.

I also bought my husband a set of the round cufflinks for Father's Day last
year with our kids names on them and they were a big hit! He even declared
that it was the best FD present ever, which has put the pressure on big time
for this year, but at least I know what grandpa is getting. Ordering is
really straight forward, before my first order I had a query which I emailed
through and I got a very prompt and helpful response and then I just popped
the order through online. I follow them on Facebook and there is always lots
of happy customers posting comments. Big thumbs up from me!
Well I did it! I ordered one from Koolaman and it should be here this week some time - so excited. Can't wait to put it on. Have already told DH I want to buried with it lol

Well I did it! I ordered one from Koolaman and it should be here this week some time - so excited. Can't wait to put it on. Have already told DH I want to buried with it lol

I received my Koolaman necklace today ...... and I love love love it!!!!! I had to put it on straight away.

I received my Koolaman necklace today ...... and I love love love it!!!!! I had to put it on straight away.

Hi there!

I am also looking at ordering a Koolaman necklace. Just wondering what design you chose and also the type of chain and length. Its hard to decide over the internet!

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