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Snacks - when is it really necessary?? Lock Rss

Hi All,

My 10 month old baby was having 4 x formula feeds a day, plus three meals. I have just dropped his mid afternoon bottle as it all seemed a bit much. Bottle at 4pm, dinner at 5pm and then another bottle before bed at 6.30pm.

So now he just has 3 bottles. Lunch is at 12pm and then a bottle before napping around 2.30pm. Should I give him a snack before dinner time or is the bottle acting as a snack?? If I don't give him a snack, he lasts until dinner without any fuss but is really hungry and eats very well!! I want him to be hungry so he has his dinner but do you think 12pm - 5pm is too long without solids, or is it ok as I have a milk feed in between???
Hi there

I also have a 10 month old this is our routine:

Wake 7 - 8 am She has brekkie then a bottle to top up
10ish small snack
Nap somewhere here
12ish Lunch
1-2pm Bottle
4ish Small snack
5pm Bath
6pm Dinner with us
6.30pm Bottle
7pm Bed

I was advised by Chn recently that 3 bottles a day is all they need at this age as food has to start taking priority. She also said to give food first then bottle.

Hope this helps
my boy has about 8 to 10 full breast feeds a day, breakfast lunch and tea, plus snacks 3 or more times a day, whenever the kids are eating, he isn't a big boy 8.5kgs at nearly one.

if you have cut a bottle out you will need to replace it with water, and afternoon tea.

babies at our pre school have bottles usually every 3-4 hours and food all day long we do morning tea at 10, lunch at 12, afternoon tea at 2 , late snack at 4 and they go home whenever but we offer food every two hours, parents let us know when their babies are able and what they are allowed to give. water is offered with every meal.
I would have morning milky (7-7.30)
Breakfast (by around 8am)
Morning tea/snack (around 10-10.30)
Lunch - mine have had a milky before nap too.. (12-12.30)
Afternoon snack (2.30-3 ish)
Then dinner (5.00-5.30 ish)
Then milky with bed (6.45-7pm)

Little growing bodies need frequent small meals (many diets also recommend frequent small meals throughout the day).

The snacks don't have to be very big - a few slices of fruit, tub of yoghurt, some cheese and crackers or jelly, etc.

Thanks for the advice everyone. Yesterday I gave bubs half a banana and water in the afternoon when he would normally have his milk and he was happy with that. He then had dinner at 5pm and still ate loads but without seeming like he was starving!! So... lunch at 12pm, bottle around 2.30pm, nap, snack after waking and then dinner before final bottle at bedtime. I havn't been giving him a morning snack as he has a morning bottle at 7.30, followed by a big brekkie and then sleeps the rest of the morning. When he stays awake longer in the morning, then I will introduce another snack.

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