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I have my body back!! Lock Rss

After 10 months, I am finally back to being me. I actually dropped a couple extra kilos since the little one started crawling and I have been chasing him around the house....

So the questions keep coming.. when's the second one?? He needs a little brother or sister!

Am I being really selfish....? I just want to be me. How many others have stuggled with this??

I don't miss the massive belly. I was lucky enough to not have stretch marks but will I be so lucky the next time?

I don't miss the aching pelvis.

I don't miss sore, leaky, lumpy boobs that need scaffolding to support them.

I don't miss the aching back.

I don't miss cramping legs in the night.

I don't miss trying to get rid of the extra flab that planted itself on my tummy and hips...

Yes, yes... its all worth it for sure. I wouldn't be without my gorgeous little boy but the thought of losing control of my body again is quite scary.... I am back to normal this time but would I be so lucky again??

Thoughts please..... am I the only one who loves being me again?
That is great you are feeling good smile

From what you've described I'm thinking you may not be ready yet. Give yourself time and don't put pressure on yourself. Your son is only 10mths old, maybe a bigger age gap would suit your family more? I didn't really enjoy being pregnant either, however my desire for another child was greater than my worry about being fat and uncomfortable. So maybe you just need to wait till that cluckiness kicks in?

The other thing to remember is if you lost the weight easily with the first .. it is often easier again to lose with the second as you are busier. As for stretchmarks I believe you either have the skin that will get them or you don't. So if you didn't get any after your first I doubt you will get them after your second (I didn't)
There no hurry to have another one. And you should enjoy having your body back for awhile.
When my first son turned 1 i wanted another one but not before then cause of all the midnight feeds where still fresh in my mind. And if you ask me do i want another one now it be a no cause i still not over the c-section and i missing my sleep but i may change my mind when everything goes back to normal.

yep i must be selfish too because i'm enjoying working my two days and only having one child to look after. When I have my next one its going to be alot more trickier to go back to work and have me time and not think about housework. My ds is 2 yrs and i'm in no hurry.
About 9mths after DD1 i had my body back! I went from 65kg down to 55kg & enjoyed myself. Luckily had no stretchmarks too. DD1 was breastfeeding still until just over 2yrs but we spoke about #2 & fell pregnant when she was 2yrs & 3mths. I also worried if my second would 'ruin' my body! With DD2 i didnt gain much weight & didnt get any stretchmarks, also was down to 50kg after 12mths & a size 8. Super happy with myself & loved my body, also my tummy got pretty tight so i think i looked better than before i had my 1st!! DD2 was BF till 2.5 then i fell pregs with #3 LOL! Now i am a sz10 & 19wks along Hoping for no stretch marks & looking after myself only to do it all again! Good luck with whatever you choose! grin

I don't think you're being selfish! I can completely understand.

My DD is 22 months and there is no end to the questions like, "don't you want another one?" etc. Someone actually told me the other day that it is most unfair not to give a child any siblings!

Well, I have no intention of having another one. It is nothing to do with my body, as in your case. It is just that it is my choice to have a small family. And there are financial issues as well - one child is affordable; two is not so much. And I can well remember how bloody hard it was when DD was new!
Thanks so much everyone for your supportive comments. It has made me feel a lot better!! You are probably right that I am not ready yet - it's just that I am already in my thirties and feel a bit of pressure not to wait too long. I guess another year or two and I may feel differently. I have also been told that it is selfish to only have one child!!

Thanks for the comments about getting back into shape after the second child too - there is hope then!!! Cheers smile
I think when trying to decide if it's the right time to have another only you will know, having your body back is awesome as it helps with confidence & generally feeling good. If age is something that you are a bit worried about maybe you could start trying sooner esp If it takes longer to fall?? I am 26 having our 3rd so I guess that's why I waited a couple of yrs after each child.

I felt the same way. I was so happy when my body 'went back to normal' & kept getting the questions of when we were having another baby. Baby number 2 was a pleasant surprise but I was ready by then & had ignored the remarks of 'its selfish to only have 1'. I replied to 1 lady that some women might only be able to have 1 child & she huffed at me & walked off! Talk about judgemental! Do what is best for your family & more importantly your body & sanity!


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