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:( poor me I need a hug Lock Rss

I need a hug sad

I've had a cold since last Tuesday and it doesn't seem to be going away. Been to the doctor and been given some tablets but they seem to be doing bugger all. Well I guess they are working I am just getting worse before I get better which sucks sad

I'm getting little to no sleep between waking up every 3 to 4 hours to feed DS, and coughing all night.

The last four days have been ok because DP has been home to help me with DS during the day but the next three days are going to be horrible. It will just be DS and I at home (DP will be sleeping)

Poor DS. Mummy can't stop coughing, she can barely talk to him cause her throat hurts and she's constantly blowing her nose sad

Only good thing is that DS hasn't gotten sick (touch wood)

Sorry just needed to have a sook

gasp That no good.

BIG HUGS!!! From me smile

I hope you are feeling better soon.
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Haha maybe we could hold each other.. Lol! I know how you feel. We all have it :s ! Ds 3 ds2 7 months ... ( I really need to update my name hey?!! ) and ofcourse dh the biggest bloody sook of them all! Poor ds2 has a nasty night cough my poor chicken.. It's quiet a scary cough sad so I haven't really slept a wink in the last 4 nights! I think I'm high as a kite on cough medicine soo it's all good lol lol !! Soo many yucky things going around right now!
Sounds like the same cold is doing the rounds. I feel like our household should be quarantined. I did wonder if my daughter was slightly happy that Mum lost her voice!!! We all have off days & it doesn't help being sick when you have kids to look after. Come closer, I'll give you a hug to feel better.


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