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hey do you have any pets i was wondering what other people had lol and what you think of them
i have a puppy called ghost
a kitten called matani
and 5 fish called soap camo garfield chips and ish ds named that one lol

just thought might be interesting smile
We have a samoyed named Asha, 2 cats named Hannah and Miley and we have a big marine fish tank (our fish don't have names lol) but we have a couple of 'nemos' a 'dory' and a few others and lots of corals grin
I have one furry kid (dog) Brodie, he was 2 in May. Hes my baby baby! I love him so dearly <span class="emoticon laugh">laugh</span>

He always makes me happy.

We have 2 border collies called Cruze & Cailee & a cat called Chloe. Ds1 absolutely adores all of our animals. The dogs love him to pieces and the cat is slowly warming to him now he doesn't get so over excited.

we have 1 x english staffy
1x english bulldog
2 x cats
1 x rabbit
1 x guinea pig
1 x ferret
We have two dogs.

Trigg who is a staffy cross corgy and is 11 human years old.
Ducky who is malteese cross who is turn one this month! (see profile pic!)
We have...

<---- Cat
Bearded Dragon
Tropical Fish

ghost is a staffy x pitbull and a grey brindle colour
matani is a fluffy and ginger
and we didn't think people named fish but thought we may as well laugh
ok so at this point in time we are at mum n dads(only a week or 2 left thank goodness) so at mum and dads we have 4 cats(3 kittens 1 older cat) one of the kittens is mine and the older 11 y/o is also mine (Houdini and misty) and then the other 2 are mum n dads (Tonks and Flynn) then dad breeds budgies so he has about 30+ at this point in time. We use to have 2 bunnies they were stolen a few months ago Ranga and Becca so beautiful but yeh when we leave we will just have Houdini and Misty
Kittens when we first for them from left to right Flynn, tonks houdini
Misty not impressed lol
Two very boisterous dogs: Vadar- Lab x Pointer 4 years old
Bailey- Boxer x Dalmatian 4 years old
They love our daughter and are so gentle with her

and two cats: Gizmo- 14 years old
Roxy- 1 year
Also really good with our baby. They are all my fur children. I love them to death!
We have 3 cats - 2 Male and 1 Female

And also a female Labrador!!
We have 1 dog called phynix.

He is so good with DS, DS lays on him cuddles him kiss's him they are like best friends.

Phynix jsut follows him around when he is outside!
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