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Out of curiosity if you had a breech baby at full term were you quite active during your pregnancy and was your weight gain low?

My sister and I both had breech babies, and both of us used to walk and do yoga during pregnancy and didn't put much weight on other than baby weight

I was also talking to another lady from the gym today who had a breech baby and also did light exercise right up to the end of her pregnancy and her ob told her to stop doing exercise as that doesn't help with breech babies staying breech

So now I'm curious, what was your situation with exercise and weight gain if you had a breech baby?
My first baby was breech and i did some walking but not everyday. My weight did jump, but i found out from my mum that both me and my brother were breech and she didn't put on a heap of weight.

My first was breech, i was extremely active throughout the pregnancy and i gained about 15kg.
This is an interesting question! My DD turned by herself at 36 weeks so wasn't a breech birth. However up until about 32 weeks I was very, very active - in fact I didn't own a car at that point and walked absolutely everywhere. At about 32 weeks, I gave up work and also moved house and after that I basically just sat on my bum the entire time ... and then that's when she turned.

I had never, ever heard of this before but I reckon your friend's ob is right! Certainly in my case I think there might be a link, as it is reasonably unusual that a baby would turn by itself at 36 weeks.
I Never really clicked on it either till this lady said it today. With my sister and I it was both our second babies who were breech, and we both had small age gaps between our first and second pregnancies. We were really active chasing a newly walking toddler while heavily pregnant with our second. Both of us were a lot smaller with our second pregnancies than with our firsts, and we put it down to never having time to sit and relax lol

Hmmm interesting wink keep the stories/experiences coming smile
My second baby (DS) was breech. Yes DD1 and DS were only 15mths apart!

Sadly I can't back up the weight gain as I gained about 25kg. I have with each pregnancy.

I was told it was hereditary. My mum was breech, she was the eldest. My sister was breech, she was the eldest. My eldest sisters first was breech. My middle sister (There are three of us) had two girls, neither of them breech and DD1 and DD2 were not.

Not sure, could be some patterns out there or could just be coincidence!

Sorry, forgot to add.

DS was probably my laziest pregnancy!

i was pretty active with my pregnancy. i worked up until i was 34 weeks (im a hairdresser) so i was on my feet pretty much all day.. did alot of walking and shopping in the last few weeks smile and i put on 23kgs..
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