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whats your favourite tv show?? Lock Rss

Good question,
my favs are (and were when on):
> Australias next top model/ Americas next top model (when its on)
> teen mom (season just finished)
> make it or break it (season is over now though)
> I didnt know i was pregnant
> simpsons always make me laugh, as well as family guy and robot chicken

I have such typical girly taste in shows! tongue grin

Australia's Next Top Model at the moment smile

Next faves are Teen Mom 2, The Amazing Race, The Block, Survivor ... I'm a reality TV junkie hehe

I also love the Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
ncis la (LL = yum!), ncis, criminal minds, the csi's, vampire diaries (don't roll your eyes), the simpsons, how i met your mother, family guy, scrubs...

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NCIS - both versions!
Big Bang is awesome too!
Home and Away
Packed to the Rafters
Master Chef
Biggest Loser

I have quite a few, but the 'non-miss' ones are:

True Blood - anxiously awaiting season 4 this week (everyone seems to be cheating and downloading but I shall wait)

its not cheating d/l true blood if I had not started downloading I would be 8 eps behind and this season is well AMAZING
Hhmm well if I had to pick just one I'd have to go with the Simpsons. I mean who wouldn't be in a good mood after watching Homer and his crazy ways
I have so many. I love gossip girl, teen mom, pregnant in heels, austalias next top model. and so many more. I love having foxtel iq cause I just tape all my shows. I also guilty plaeasure show in jerseylisious. Its so funny how they act.

Hi friend wink

I love love love Offspring but the seasons are never long enough!! And any crap reality show (at the moment: dinner date) Whats yours?

my favourite not miss are 16 and pregnant teen mom teen mom 2

i like most shows with babies and pregnancy smile like most show on discovery heath channel but we dont have it atm <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
i like 4weddings and dont tell the bride too
I love True Blood also enjoy watching Winners and Losers and Criminal Minds smile
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