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When i was pregnant last i wanted to try for a girl and have a 3rd baby. I even said on the op table that i wanted another one.
Now hubby the one who really happy about it and i'm sitting on the fence saying i have another one but i really want a girl and i'm scared that we may not get our wish. Plus the thought of having another c-section kinda puts me off abit.

Hubby said it worth ago and get our girl. And he reckons who cares if we get another boy
So how many partner/hubby where more happy about it than you.

we're like 3 weeks out from our due date with baby number one and my husband has already been talking about the possibility of baby number two. i'm against it right now lol... NO WAY. not for a couple years, if at all.
Unfortunately in my house it wasn't like that, it was always me trying to convince hubby that one more was a good idea.
I just wanted to say that just because you had a c section last time doesn't mean you have to next time. DS was an emergency c section and DD2 born 19 months later, was a natural delivery, so cross that off your list of reasons not to have one more smile

my husband was really unsure about #1 - he mainly wasn't sure he would be a good dad. I wasn't worried at all and really wanted a kid.

#2 - we were both ready for it (maybe he was a little more than me and he was more excited than me)

#3 - i was really unsure - i knew in my head i wanted another one but really was unsure about being pregnant with 2 little ones. My husband was all for it.
He was the one pushing for #1 and #2 as he didn't want to be too old before we started our family. I was the one pushing for #3 and #4 After ds2 I didn't think I could go through it again and get another boy, but I'm talking for the first couple of weeks after #2. I soon got over it and realised it was a baby I wanted and the sex didn't matter smile
My DH and my two girls would love to have another baby in the house but I am reluctant to have more.

I have 2 DD's and one DS, and that is enough for me. I would consider it for their sake but it is me that because of my parenting style would be taking out 5 years of my life to focus on a new baby.

I am the one who will feed the baby, look after the baby, do all the housework, get harrassed by DH to suppliment his income after hours when he is home, and put my goals and dreams on hold. So I see it in this situation as my decision.

The idea of having another baby is lovely, but I am 35 and I would like to study and become a pastry chef. So I have decided that I am going to put myself first this time.
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Every now and then he will bring up the subject. We both want more kids but we are happy as we are at the moment. We don't have the financial means or the room to have more just yet. Maybe in a year or so. We had hoped to have had another one by now (have same age gaps) but we aren't ready. He talks about having more kids all the time. Now both the girls want to have another baby in the house. They will randomly ask me for a baby brother. Lol.

well DD was a suprise for us then semi planned DS (wanted #2 but didnt think it would 'happen' so quickly lol). i pushed for #3 but DH came around and were due in late oct/nov... i think hes even more excited then me atm lol. but hes already talking about #4! (eeek!!) hes said that he doesnt want a vasectomy or anything because we 'may' decide for #4 yet! not that i want him to get the snip anyway but atm all i can think of is hell no! haha smile
We planned both babies (i'm a planner) and hubby always said just 2 babies and the last 2 weeks he said i can't wait to have another one.
This was my 2nd c-section and the doctor said i would have no problems with carrying another one but he like me to have another c-section since i had 2 before.
We wait till this baby about to turn 2 before trying again like we did this time. Our oldest will be in school and i know i can handle it.
Maybe it is too soon and i'm happier when they sleep threw the night and can feed themselves.
I'm in the thought that if we have another and it's another boy i be happy and i told hubby he has to get the snip then.

im 40wks 6days preg with out 1st and DF has already said he wants to get me up the spud again like real soon. lol im keen to have another but i think id wana wait about a year and a half to 2 years so i can finish my degree and mayb wrk for abit
DF also went on to say tht hed move out 4 9months cause ive been abit emotional lol. i told him thts not part of the deal hell have to put up with me and the emotions haha
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