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I getting cranky with the waiting at my doctors. Last week i went for my 6 week check up and was told i had a hour to wait after my appointment time. 1 hour later i was finally seen by the doctor, so in total it was 2 hours after my appointment time.

Yesterday little man had appointment to get his needles. I rang up before and ask how the doctor was going, i was told he was 45 minutes behind which is fine by me cause i work out that when he would needed a feed so he be happy kinda of to get his needles. I rang MIL to let her know and since she works there to see if she can find out why. I got a call and was told my appointment for little man would be 2 hours after and that the nurse would be gone cause it 6 pm. they reckon the doctor doesn't like to do the needles at 6 cause he likes the nurse to get everything ready. I'm piss off (sorry) now i have to wait till tuesday. I ordered hubby home early yesterday to look after our oldest son. I did tell them i wasn't happy and my MIL said sorry about 3 times cause she was embrass that her work does this to people. I even told them if this keeps going i will change doctor's and so will hubby and the kids.
I would of gone today or tomorrow but was told the doctor will be away at some meeting.
So how long have you waited to see the doctor for you or your beautiful kids?

Drs are such a pain for naking people wait. I am very lucky my GP always runs on time but have waited up to an hour for nurses for the boys immunisations and my OB was ALWAYS running behind, usually half an hour to an hour but once waitef 2.5 hours!

Its pretty normal at my doc to wait upto an hour. I always ring beforehand now to see how far behind they are running. Just last week I arrived and was told that there was 6 people in front of me, so about hour and half wait, and I cancelled my appointment. As I didnt give 2 hours notice of cancelling my appointment it was a $20 fee! But I did manage to talk my way out of it this time.

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I was told if we came in yesterday that there was at least 8 people infront of us.
I do ring before i go in.

The longest I've had to wait is 5 HOURS!!!!! I couldn't believe it, but didnt want to leave because I didnt want DS2 to miss out. I was nearly in tears by the time we got in there because I was so frustrated. The doctors we go to now is awesome and the most we've had to wait is 10 minutes
I could be waiting from 30mins-1.5hrs! roll eyes

Just say you have an appt at 3.30pm..then you should be seen at 3.30pm...not an hour or so later!! angry
My doctor is not too bad. But on a bad day you may have to wait about 1 hour after the appointment time. But saying that She never rushes you. So I would like to think if I was seeing her and had a problem I needed to discuss I wasn't being pushed out the door. So don't really mind waiting. My doctor does the injections herself so don't have the issue that you have about being turned away. If your not happy you should find someone else. Good Luck.

I have a pretty godd GP. Once though I waited 2 hours- myself and one other person were still waiting, we were the last patients of the day, my appointment was free because of the inconvienience(sp?). Usually he runs fairly well on time (maybe up to an hour)

I've had to wait over an hour a few times. Even for a 9am appointment when they open at 8:30 I'll still be waiting for at least 30mins. I go to the Dr on weekends now, the waiting time is much less the week days.

One time when I was waiting there was a guy with his two daughters, they had been waiting for over an hour before we arrived and we had to wait an hour too, so the poor guy was waiting 2 hours for an appointment that took less then 5 mins, he just needed a prescription renewed for one of the girls. He got really shirty when a walk-in saw a Dr before he did. I'd said to DP if we get called in before him then we'd be letting him go first. No-one should have to wait over 2 hours to see a Dr. Especially not when they have a child needing a prescription.

The receptionists don't give a hoot about anything. They'll be sitting at the desk and you'll be standing there in full view of them for a good 5-10mins waiting for them to acknowledge you. Or they'll be in the office having a good long chat while the queue gets longer and longer then they have the nerve to get cranky with the patients!

Can you tell I don't like my Dr's office much? Lol.

I love my doctor and have been with her throughout my two pregnancies but sometimes it is like an hour wait. Now I always book one of the first two appointments in the morning so I always get in on time.

I appreciated that a week ago she saw my daughter straight away because she had a high temperature. It made up for all the other times I had to wait.
A few years ago we went for a follow up appointment with a Paed at a hospital after my DD had been in there for a few days with rotavirus. Our appointment time was 10:00am, and it took us 45 minutes to drive there. We got there at 10:00am..... we waited in the waiting room until 3pm until I lost the plot!! At 3:30pm we were called in, only to be told that we would be seeing someone else as the Paed had been called elsewhere.

This doctor was an intern and asked the same questions that we had already been asked and we got NO WHERE!! It was a complete waste of a day! I was SO peeved off!

I was on my own with my DD who was 2.5 years at the time and my DS who was 5 months old! Was not impressed!

You can get bub's needles and check ups done at CYH. I never have to wait smile
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