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Just wanted to update we had a appoitment yesterday for little man needles. This time it was a hour late which is fine because i only arrived 15 minutes before i was seen. But my poor SIL was waiting nearly 2 hours. She wasn't to happy because both her and her DD are sick but she was happy to see her nephew.

I glad i rang yesterday before i went in and the fact the traffic in town was busy help me.

Normal wait with the GP is maybe 10/15min
With the OB it can be anywhere, on time to 3hrs, in saying that i can always reschedule and its understandable as there is only 2 OB's for this entire area and it just means that they were up at the hospital helping some other mum..
I'm just happy we have doctors and Obs
The Dr's near where I live is hopeless! Many times I have waited 3+ hours... however here's the catch... they dont do appointments! You just walk in and wait. Sundays are best because the wait is very short, but often thru the week even if you get there by 4pm they will already be booked out until close an turn you down. One Thursday night I took DD there adn we waited 3.5 hours only to be told to see how she goes overnight and bring her back tomorrow if she is still unwell and then the Dr sat there for 20 mins telling me how much he earns and its not fair that the medical centre only gives them a small percentage of profit per patient when he could start his own practice adn get triple. So here I was with a sick child after waiting 3.5 hours and coming home from work early, and this chump is complaining that his sign on bonus for agreeing to stay at the center thru a contract for 5 years was $300,000 and his annual income was $250,000 and that it wasnt fair! I said to him "Why are you complaining? I make $36,000 a year and I miss every dinner with my family so I can earn extra with evening rates!" and he continued to tell me about if he had his own practice he would make more like $700,000 a year instead of the measly $250k! I was disgusted and walked out. Not only because he was whinging about his fantastic pay but because there were still people waiting in the waiting room while he was crapping on! Needless to say i left there. Now I wait up to an hour with an appointment at my new dr and I will stay here. he is a very good dr!
I'm a GP in NZ and it is not unusual for me to run 10-15mins behind- and I hate doing that! We have an appt system, not a drop in one.

But it is really hard to stay on time cos lots of people save up problems so there is more than one thing to discucss... plus if someone is really sick it takes time to refer them on to the hospital because you have to ring up and write a referral letter...

Sometimes we are asked to look at siblings of a child who is unwell in the same appt and check them out too, so effectively seeing 2 patients in a 15min slot- which is usually fine but can lead to running over more.

I like to spend time talking to my patients and not make them feel like they are being pushed out the door but the downside is that it increases others waiting times.

There is no easy way really- just be thankful that it isn't the UK where appt times are 7.5mins- imagine trying to figure out what is going on in that time! Then we really would be late smile

I hope everyone has better experiences soon- the majority of us do really try the best we can.

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