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to the old members, who remember Lachlans*Mum Lock Rss

You may remember Elisa, and her battle with breast cancer, and then secondary cancers.
Elisa succumb to her cancer this weekend. She leaves behind 2 beautiful children, an amazing husband and wonderful parents.
I'll miss her caring, warm heart, and her beautiful smiling face, and her positive outlook on everything, even when things were horrible for her.
I am so honoured to be able to call her my friend.

Rest In Peace Elisa.
May you watch down on Lachlan and Anastasia as they grow into beautiful children, and make you so proud.

Sending you so much love angel girl. I'll miss you.
Sorry you lost your friend. She sounded great. Hope you're doing well.
she was a lovely lady. rip elisa.
I remember Elisa here on Huggies. I am so incredibly saddened to hear of her passing. I am sorry for your loss and that of her family.
Thank You Ricki, i have being wondering how she was going, being thinking about her also.
My thoughts and Prayers go out to her family.
Rest in Peace.
Elisa was one of the kindest members on here and always gave out great advice to everyone on here.

I didn't know her personally but i'm finding myself crying.

I was so saddened and devastated to hear the news last night. Elisa was indeed a special, caring and kind soul. She touched everyone here on hugs who knew her when she was a regular poster here. I remember sending her a little present when she was battling her first cancer and I am so glad I did. I remember the photos of her beautiful babies and I pray they are wrapped with love, strength and support. RIP beautiful Elisa.
I had her babies in mind when I wrote this on my FB last night

?"The angels are always near to those who are grieving,
to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God."
-Eileen Elias Freeman

To such a beautiful lady, may you rest in peace.
Such sad news, Elisa was a lovely person may she RIP. My thoughts and prayers and with her two gorgeous children and husband at such a sad time xx
I have not posted on here for a very long time but felt the need to reply.

Elisa was an amazing lady.
I want people to know how wondeful she was and not just another name on here.

She was a valuable employee in her local electorate,a wife,a Mum,a loyal friend,daughter and sister.

Her gorgeous children are a credit to her and her husband.

Lachlan is a great little boy (aged 7),who loves AFL,tells a mean knock knock joke and has a wonderful personality.
Anastasia (aged 5 )is as beautiful as her Mum,loves all things pink (just like her Mum) and is such a sweet little girl.

Elisa was a great cook who loved making cakes for all of her loved ones,loved a moscato,had a great ear for listening even in her worst periods of sickness,loved animals and was simply a beautiful person inside and out.

The last message I recieved from her was telling me about being in hospital and she apologised that it could only be a text.
She finished the message by saying "I hope you and your beautiful family are all well,Love Elisa"

That shows how wonderful she was.
I will miss her everyday and I can't believe that she is gone.
Life is so cruel and I wish I had some amazing explanation as to why this has happened but I don't!

Elisa and her family will be in my heart forever. xxxx

I'm so sorry to hear about the sad news. My thoughts goes out to her family and friends.

I do remember Lachlans Mum but never had the chance to get to know her sad From what I remember, she was a very strong and brave woman.

Rest In Peace
Elisa may you Rest in Peace. So sad to hear of this news last night, you have and will always remain in the hearts of many.


I'm just so sad to hear it. Wishing her family love and strength - the world has lost a shining diamond sad(
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