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to the old members, who remember Lachlans*Mum Lock Rss

I also remember Elisa...this is very sad news....especially thinking of her two children and husband...tragic, thanks Ricki for letting us know

You may remember Elisa, and her battle with breast cancer, and then secondary cancers.
Elisa succumb to her cancer this weekend. She leaves behind 2 beautiful children, an amazing husband and wonderful parents.
I'll miss her caring, warm heart, and her beautiful smiling face, and her positive outlook on everything, even when things were horrible for her.
I am so honoured to be able to call her my friend.

Rest In Peace Elisa.
May you watch down on Lachlan and Anastasia as they grow into beautiful children, and make you so proud.

Sending you so much love angel girl. I'll miss you.

Ricki, please pass on my deepest condolences to Elisa's family. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Mega Meet last year, and my heart is so heavy right now reading this.

I'm not on facebook anymore, but please, if you are organising flowers could you please let me know so I can contribute something.

RIP Elisa - you are a true inspiration to many, and will be forever missed, forever loved and forever remembered.

Elisa was always so friendly, positive and had nothing but good things to say. She will be missed.
RIP Elisa - now there's another Angel to look after Lachlan and Anastasia..

Dear Elisa
Rest in peace. You touched so many people. Your legacy is your beautiful brave children and how you made mothers less wonderful than you realise just how blessed we are. I will always remember your bravery and I will pray that your family stays strong.

Oh god i'm so sorry to hear this sad

God bless her family and her beautiful memory, this shouldn't happen to a wonderful person such as her..

RIP lovely xoxoxo
i also remember Elisa. She was always so helpful whenever i needed advice. So sorry to hear of her passing, thinking of her beautiful family. Her babies now have a very special angel looking after them. RIP Elisa xoxo

Elisa u were truly a lovely lady and you will be greatly missed. Thank you for everything you shared with us including the smiles of your two beautiful kids.

RIP xoxoxo

Oh nooooooooooo sad My heart just sunk when I saw the title of this post sad

I remember speaking with Elisa. She was such a gorgeous and brave lady. This is terrible news sad Last I heard she was beating it ??

RIP Elisa and lots of love to her gorgeous children and husband. Heaven has received another angel
I had the pleasure of meeting Elisa a couple of times, and our families enjoyed meals and some wonderful conversations. Even when Elisa was so sick, she always had the othewrs in her heart.
Elisa, you will be sadly missed......I can only count a few people that I know to be so genuine, kind and caring.
Lachlan and Anastasia have a wonderful father who will now care for them, and I am sure talk to them about the beautiful mother they have.

But, I am still left wondering why such a beautiful soul has been taken.

Rest in Peace beautiful lady xxxx

Pauline, I am so very sorry for your loss

Hi, i didnt know her, but felt so sad to hear this.
Just wanted to say, so sorry to the family for their loss.
By the posts she sounded like a wonderful person and mother.

Thoughts and best wishes to the family and friends. xxxx
Thank you for letting us know Ricki. I had the pleasure of meeting Elisa in Melbourne last year, and she sure was a very beautiful person. I am very saddened to hear that this horrible disease has taken yet another life, especially one so caring and lovely.

I am thinking of Elisa's family at this very hard time. RIP Elisa. May you now fly with the angels, you brave and courageous woman. xxoxx

RIP Elisa,that's sad to hear.I was only wondering about her recently, my thoughts go to her family during this sad time

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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