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Hi ladies just wanting to no what your thoughts are on 2012
Do yu think it will happen and why? Are you scared about it?
Do you think nothing will happen?.....

Just wanting your thoughts....
nothing is going to happen I use to be super freaked out about this until I read a article were they talked to a Mayan elder and he said that its just a calender the western calender ends every year and nobody freaks out. Also they re did the calculations and we are about 50 - 60 years off with the dates as in it tech ended 50 - 60 years ago so yeh nothing will happen just like the 2000 Y2K bug and all that stuff n if it happens it happens we will all be dead so we wont have anything to worry about!

Not worried about it at all. The 'end of the world' has been predicted so many times now. It's just stupid.
And as for the Mayan prediction, it says that it's "the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT". So not necessarily the actual end of the world.

Exactly! the prediction is we are due to an electic storm of sorts it would simply mean bye bye laptops, tv mobile phones ect ect for a few years Im sure they would have it all back with in a year or 2 easy
i was really worried about this i would even get really upset to my DP but i think if things happen it happens for a reason. and if it were to we should enjoy every moment and day like its our last and definitely treasure our beautiful babies smile
but i dont think it will, they've predicted heaps of times it was going to, plus if we do, were dying we'll all be together. and after something beautiful will happen. me as a person i astonished with the fact that its a miracle for us to be alive and give birth and just amazed at life it self . smile
It actually really worries me im scared
i think it is a load of shite. nothing will happen.

It actually really worries me im scared

seriously dont if its the tec take down then well our parents and grandparents were fine with out mobiles and stuff and its not the end of the world think of it as our calender ends every year do u get scared at new years? but seriously dont stress it took me about 6 months to realise its all good and that the world wont end after all the reserch on how it wont happen. just think if an Mayan elder says its a bunch of b/s and isnt worried why should the rest of us?
Its just the thought of something bad happening it really worries me to the point i get scares and cry and not sleep well i no it sounds silly but it really worries me
I think that there is going to be a change, but just a change of awareness for the earth and how we are living.

I am sure that there are a few Americans out there that are gain some serious respect for mother nature at the moment.
My blog, take a peek into my world

unless aliens are coming to visit. Life will continue as it has always has.
Ever since having kids everything worries me lol im even worried about the ten year anniversary of 9/11 i think something bad will happenlol
I truly think that something will happen in 2012, but it won't be the end of the world. Not all doom and gloom and everyone dies type of end.

I think there will be something major... and it will change the world "as we know it." So life as we know it now, won't be the same. But I don't think it is a bad thing.

I have a lot of theories on things like this.... and just to throw it out there, I think it has to do with a different form of life-being and I also think that the US Government knows ALL about it. But thats just my opinion. I have forms of evidence to back up my opinions too.

I live my life from day to day. I try not to worry about the future too much (unless I have to) cos if something does happen next year, we are all powerless to stop it anyway, so why cause yourself stress about something that you cannot prevent.

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