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cooking for a 10 month old Rss

Hi ladies. Im looking for some of your favorite recipes for bub.
I make Sheppard pie and cut up fruit for my 10 month old but im really stumped when it comes to breakfast or lunch and dinner meals. She eats pretty much every thing and is cutting down BF on me. And i know that alone will not fill her up.

How much should i be feeding her, is it 3 serves of veggies and 2 fruits for toddlers. How much cows milk should i give her (in cooking) and dairy?
Any help and recipes will be greatly appreciated smile
Hmmm...trying to remember lol...

Cows milk is fine in cooking, just not as a drink until they are over 1.

For meals i used to make vegie mixes (basically whatever is in the cupboard and mix it together....

Annabel Karmel has a few amazing book on baby and toddler foods...with which age is appropriate for which sells them else your local library should have the lot smile

Oh and she also has a website that has some recipes on it

My link

9-12 months

Hope that helps

Slow cooker meals are great for that age, because you can put a heap of different vegies in, add half cup of water or a soup pack or can of tomatoes, meat (steak or chicken is good) and cook away. The meat gets very soft and is easy to blend with some liquid to make it easy for them to eat. I then freeze it all in little pots ready for other nights.
Mine also liked pasta with tomatoes and shredded chicken or tuna, blended up to make it mushy. I bought these Decor baby pots and from memory they have a babies recipe section on their website that had some good ones too.
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