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do you know your blood type?? Lock Rss

hey i was wondering how many people know there blood type i was talking to mil and she said she only found out what hers was when she started to donate blood
i found out mine when i had to have a blood transfusion after i had ds i am A+

i was also wondering do you know your kids blood types??

so do you know yours? what type is it if you do?

smile thanks
Join the A+ too laugh
Dont know what blood type my kids are though unsure
I am A+ aswell/ So is DH, does that mean DD would also be a A+????? unsure

Im O- and I believe both my kids are A+ like their father.

in regards to 2 A+ making A+ kids, im not sure. Some blood groups make other blood groups together and some only make the same blood group (does that make sense)

Kris, QLD, Amber 2, Keira 1

I'm in the plain jane A+ group to laugh I only know because when i'm not preg or BF I donate blood. Don't know what my boys blood types are though.

I'd like to know mine!! I keep forgetting to ask my midwife. After I had blood tests though she said something about not needing to check something because my blood group was positive. That's all I know.

its probably an A every one seems to be an A lol
AB+ I learnt being pregnant with DS as they write it in the pregnancy book thing you take to appointments.

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

Another A+ here. Found out when I donated blood

First we had Each Other, Then we had You, Now we have Everything

Another A+ found out when i donated blood, but with both pregnancy they have done the test to see what blood type i am, grr i already know...
Don't know what DD is but i think i might just find out .
I had a look on the redcross about bloodtypes:

What blood type are you?

I'm blood type B
10% of Australians have B blood type
As type B is one of the rarest blood types, B type blood donors are always needed, particularly for plasma donations
By giving plasma regularly, you can help people with B and O blood types

I'm blood type A
38% of Australians have type A blood
As type A blood is common, it is in constant demand and more is always needed
By giving blood regularly you can help other As and also people with AB blood types

I'm blood type O
49% of Australians have type O blood
As type O blood is the most common, it is in constant demand and more is always needed
By giving blood regularly you can help other Os and also people with AB, A and B blood types

I'm blood type AB
Just 3% of Australians have type AB blood
Even though type AB is the rarest blood type, type AB plasma can help people with any blood type. So, more type AB plasma donors are always needed
By giving plasma regularly you can help people with AB, O, B and A blood types

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

My childrens blood type is recorded in their red book, the one with their birth weight, time etc from the hospital. I'm in Qld, I assume all states do that. Pretty sure all hospitals have to record babies blood types and Mum's when baby is born. My kids are all O and so am I and hubby. Phew!smile
I am RH Negative. Thats what it says on my blood card. Whats that?
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