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Cutting my DD's hair off Lock Rss

So far I've kept the strands from the first little mullet trims from both girls, however, in the next few weeks I'm going to cut ALOT of hair off DD1- so much so that it would be cut off in a long ponytail and then styled. Would you keep it? If so, how and will it last for whatever reason I'm keeping it for? LOL

PS- here's a pic of length. And no- I will not leave it! LOL


grgeous hair she has. is say it will last a long time (not sure though) if you kept in a airtight bag or something? id def keep some of it grin
She is 3 1/2. Am cutting it as it's just so knotty and washing/brushing results in a meltdown of epic proportions- I'm surprised no-one has called DOCS! Plus, as with adults, I'm sure it's healthy to chop it and start afresh smile

gasp gasp gasp her hair is gorgeous!!! bummer you have to cut it.
It is beautiful just such a torturous mess sadly sad. But I think it will be nice to change it up and it will grow back! FX neither of us cries!

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