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Wedding ring then the engagment ring. So the engagement ring is the top one. It doesn't go in order for some strange reason smile I had my engagement ring clipped on a little blue bird to my wedding dress then after the ceremoney I put the ring back on again after my wedding ring!

Wedding ring is on first so that's it's closest to your heart wub Then engagement ring. You don't wear your engagement ring on your wedding day. I think you put it on your right hand. I just had my bridesmaid wear mine for the ceremony.

what pp said smile
my understanding is the wedding ring goes on first as is closest to your heart. Makes it annoying tho as you need to have your engagement ring on a different finger so there isn't a big kerfuffle during the ceremony to get the wedding ring in the right place!
i thought after you got married you stopped wearing the engagementring lol so that must make me very stupid tongue

either way i dont have an engagement ring so i dont have to worry about it smile
Like PP said wedding ring first.I got told by my celebrant to wear the engagement ring on my right hand then when doing the signing of the certificates pop it on.

Well that wouldn't be happening here! My partner just bought me a new one, there's no way I'm not going to wear it forever
laugh laugh laugh

lol it makes sense to wear to wear them both as they are special smile
Well, I did it all "wrong".

I know the wedding ring is meant to go on first, i thought it was so you didn't ever have to take it off - because somepeople like to take their engangement rings off. but i like it on in chronilogical order smile so mine are the "wrong" way round.

I'm also pretty sure i wore it during the ceremony - didn't really want to take it off - its pretty smile

Like PP said wedding ring first.I got told by my celebrant to wear the engagement ring on my right hand then when doing the signing of the certificates pop it on.

This is what I did as well. smile
So turns out after reading this I totally did it wrong!! I wore my engagement ring then after swapped them over later- typical! But having said that I also put my husbands ring on the wrong hand & no one even noticed- wasn't till we were on the way to our honeymoon & we kept banging it on the car window- thought it was going to be annoying then it clicked...derr wrong hand dickhead!!

I wonder though, if its your choice to keep theengagment ring on during the ceremony, you are allowed too. A wedding celebrant can't tell you not too ....... Could they.

i cant imagine they could tell you you cant it is your wedding smile

That is pretty funny though.but, I'm surprised the celebrant didn't say anything. You think they'd notice as they're usually suppose to be looking ........
Still funny though.

Well just quietly I think the celebrant was a drunk!! He had real blood shot eyes which he tried to blame on conjuntivitus & seemed a bit odd. He probably couldn't remeber which hand the ring went on anyway, couldn't get rid of him afterwards either- hung around for some beers & all! Just my luck to hire the most unprofessional celebrant going around!!
Our celebrant was our churches minister and my great uncle so it was a bit different.

But i'm sure they don't really care about the rings.

The only thing they have to make sure is done correctly and legally is the papper work.

(ours almost stuffed that up too- your meant to send the forms in a month + a day before the wedding and we had to remind him grin )
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