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are your kids tall , short or just average for their age? Lock Rss

I just had to buy new cricket pants for them.ds1 is 11 and his pants(size10) went to ds3( almost 9),bypassing ds2 but I did buy ds2 new ones in a 10.I think he is average for his age(10 next in 2 weeks) but is taller than some of his older friends.Ds1 is tall and ds3 is very tall for his age, about 10-15cm taller than his mates.Not only am I outnumbered but am about to be the shortest in the family ! angry What about your kids??

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

mine aree tall too. ds1, 6yrs next wk, is the tallest boy in his class, same height as the tallest girl in the class too. ds2 is 4 and was over the 100th percentile when he got measured and he had his needles. ds3, well he only 6 wks old so yeh but was 56cm long born
ds1 is also in men's size 6 shoe,bought him a pair last night and they are a 7!Dh is a high school teacher at a boys school and says the kids have such big feet.He described their shoes as canoes laugh

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My 3 yr old has always been above average ds is as well and dd2 is a stump lol she is short and stocky hmmm think my mum genes have appeared in her lol the other 2 take after dp his tall and skinny!! Dd2 though she is short she is in a size one bottom and size 2 shirt lol ds is in a 0 there 1 yrs old and dd is a 3 to 4 but in jackets a size 5 fits well she is 3 kilos heavier then her 1 yr old bro and sis lol.
I have a tall and an average. laugh

DS1, who just turned 8, generally needs size 11 pants & tops usually, for the length...but they usually hang off him because though he is above average in weight as well for his age, he's still smaller than a size 11. If he keeps growing at his current rate he will be as tall as me at about age 11. blink blink

DS2, who turns 4 on Thursday, has finally caught up and wears size 3-4 or 4-5 depending on what it is; he's a bit between sizes. If he keeps growing at his current rate he will be as tall as me at about age 10. blink blink

I am about 175cm tall and DP is about 186cm.

My DS wears size 2 clothes tongue I wish he would hurry up and start walking - my back is killing me tongue
I have two that a tall, one that is average, and one who I don't know,yet- she is not even 2 yet! My DD1 is 8, and she is 145cm tall and weighs 40kg - she is not fat, just really tall and thin, but solid. She can wear ladies size 8 clothes, or fits into size 14 and some size 16 in kids sizes.My DD2 is almost 6 and wears a size 6 kids clothes, not tall at all, but taller than I was as a child. My DD3 is 4 and wears size 6 and is the same size just about as my DD2 - she is taller than my DD1 was at the same age. DD1 will probably overtake me in height next year as I am so short!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

I have shorties, DD1 has always hovered around the 3rd percentile and DD2 dropped below the 3rd percentile at 4 months old and doesn't look like she'll ever get back on the charts.
I think my DD is tall, she is only 3years and 4 months but she is the tallest and youngest in her kindy class...alot of mums are shocked when i say she isn't 4 till april cause all her little friends are 4 already and shorter then her.

she doesnt get her height from me, i'm only 5'5 but DH is 6'3....she is just like her daddy smile

I get told by everyone that DS (2mths off 3yo) is really tall for his age. His cousin is 6mths younger and about 2 inches shorter and wears DS's shoes he wore 6mths ago lol. Mind you his cousin is short for his age, so it makes it more obvious.

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

My dd is far too tall for my liking. She is only 40cms shorter then I am...And she is not quite 4yrs old yet.... I think I am going to have to start wearing heels tongue
DD1 is just 45cms shorter than me and she is nearly 4! DD2 is only 84cms tall and she is 3 in December, DD3 is 2cms taller than DD2 and she is only 15 months old!

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