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what makes you Lock Rss

Just curious!

Every now and then I check out who's been checking me out... and I wonder what makes people click on profiles?

I tend to only check out someone if I think they're a bit odd, or if its someone I know and I want to leave a message!

I'll check out someones profile if think they are giving good advice and I'd like to hear what else they might have to say! smile
You must have ESPN or something! Lol! I've been wondering about this too.

Sometimes I'll peep when someone says something profound and I want to know more about them (in a totally non-creepy way of course). I've looked at a profile when someone's said something that doesn't add up (like our confused friend amelia/amy/etc). And occasionally when I access Hugs on my phone, I accidentally touch on someones name and it takes me to their profile.

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

I sometimes check to see when they joined, or if I find their posts interesting I like to see if they've got anything written in the about me section. I also check someones profile if they've checked mine tongue
I'm a very curious person!

It's very rare I'll look at profiles. Only ever do it by accident, accidentally clicking on a name when I mean to click on the thread. Or something like that.

I've also done that a few times!!
Same as pp. Also, sometimes if I've come across an old post of that persons and am looking for a follow up/update post from them. I hate knowing the question/dilemma and advice given but not knowing what happened!
I look at peoples profiles a fair bit lol If someone writes a post that I think is cool or even a bit nasty, I like to see their profiles and see a bit more about them...I dont know, i guess im just a little nosy! Also, if something doesnt make sense, as a pp said, I will look to see if they are for real and also, if someone asks for advice re: their kids but dont put ages down I have a look at their profile to see if they have there ages there.

Or if someone has looked at mine, i go and look at theirs tongue

Lol... well at least no one else checks people out if they think their weird Luke I do...... that would mean that lots of people think that I'm weird !! laugh

Go for it skippy!

I usually look if I have read a post that I find interesting etc. or to be nosey I guess.
How do you know if someone has looked at yours? It says I have views but doesn't say who looked..
I didn't change my settings, they've always just been there on the bottom left side.

No one has looked at mine in a long time but the last person was.......

Chalys!!! Off to cry now and over analyse my weird factor

i dunno lol i tend to look at people when they reply to me or i am curious or they've looked at mine or sometimes i just do it randomly i'm a little strange tongue
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