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Hey everyone!

At home we just have a laptop and I help my son play a few educational games I have bought/found on the net.For christmas I would like to get a game system that he can use when we travel, but I'm very bad with chosing technology!

My friend has a cheaper Ipad style tablet (it is optus or telstra i think) which he loves, he plays games such as Angry Birds and my friend says she has downloaded some great games for her son, but has a rule he cant go in the net.

My sister swears by a DS her daughter loves it, but the games are expensive.My son loves mario brothers so that could be good. I was looking on ebay last night and you can buy ones from hong kong etc with 90 odd games loaded on. I think they were called EMS or EMI or something. Are they real DS?

Any advice from people who know more than me would be great! Also, what is a reasonable price to pay and what is too pricey? Thanks!
We're going for the I-pod touch for DD birthday soon, because it has music, camera and games are only a few dollars, and there are HEAPS of educational apps. We skipped the DS stage. DD friends all seemed to get one about 6, and now at 8 they are getting the ipad touches.

Depends on his age and how much you think he'll play it, and how well he'll look after it. We have been letting DD 'borrow' dad's i pod touch and that's a way to keep it looked after and not overused if that's an issue.
IMO I pod/ipad tablet is much better value for money and will last longer, as you just upgrade the games/apps. Schools are using them heaps too, and my kids are happy to play educational games. I let DD play gaming games too, but she's just as happy doing the educational ones and is getting some benefit out of it too.
As for the net - definately need rules around it and don't give the child the password, so they can't run up bills. We just put the apps and sites on there we allow, and she knows not to go looking things up on it.
We bought an iPad a couple of months ago, mainly for me when breastfeeding as DD was having hour long feeds and I was getting seriously bored and it was easier to be on the net on that than lugging my laptop into bed. The other reason was because we can use it as a DVD player for her in the car when she is older. We love it.
i would say ds as well my 11 still loves hers

the one from hong kong are real
My daugther (7) loves her DS and so do her cousins (now 10 and 13). Some games can be expensive, but you can also pick up some great ones on special as well. Also you can buy an R4 card for the DS and then you can d/l games off of the net. My DD only owns about 8 actual DS games (most given for xmas/birthday presents) but she has about 80 games on her R4 card, and when she gets bored with them, we just check out the catalgoues, she picks out some new games she likes, and I d/l them for her.

Thanks guys!!!

I asked my son what he liked better. He said "the angry bird game" but I think I am leaning towards a DS (he never has really played a good boys DS game as his cousins' are 'girls games'). It is the right size for my hand bag and his younger brother is getting a leapster exploer so they seem to be a similar sized gift. Decided not to buy off the net just incase there is a prob and it may be too tricky to return. LOVE the sound of the R4 card - are those from game shops or does anyone sell them???

Thanks heaps guys!!!!
Wow - when I was 6 all I got was a baby alive doll. Haven't times changed! laugh

Wow - when I was 6 all I got was a baby alive doll. Haven't times changed! laugh

and not always for the better...

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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