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Yuck!! :P Rss

I just had to take my DD to the emergency department at the local hospital to get her oxygen levels checked. Her asthma has been quite bad today and although I didn't think she was at risk of having a full blown attack, the GP clinic suggested I go have her levels tested just incase.

Anyway.... I walked into the waiting room of the emergency department to find it FULL to the brim with people. 90% of whom were all vomiting randomly into sick bags! Aaaaaaah!

So heres hoping that we didn't go to the hospital with asthma and come home with a nasty gastro bug in the process!

There was a gastro bug that tore through DD's school last week... but I thought that it was over now. I am guessing that it is still doing the rounds. Eeeeek! unsure

hopefully she has built an immunity to it if its been around

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

hopefully she has built an immunity to it if its been around

She was the Gastro Queen from the ages of 12 months to about 3 years old. If there was gastro around, she would get it! So I am hoping that she has built up a bit of an immunity to it over the years. smile

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