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Did anyone see Lock Rss


OMG How horrible!!!!
How dare they do that to a customer.... what happened to the customer is always right????

that response letter is a shocker! They were basically saying that she is not good enough to shop in their store. What a bunch of a-holes!

Bahaha this is hilarious...who the hell do they think they are! im sorry but gasp is not chanel or prada.....I like some of their dresses but they are in the slutty range lol...

OMG! I cant believe that a company/store could be so immature and I really hope this woman is compensated and gets a proper apology! How rudE!
It is absolutely appalling!
I couldn't believe what I was reading, I seriously thought it was a joke! Any publicity is good publicity though, right!
I cant believe they stand by the employee when he is obviously so wrong .... I dont know how they make money if they have that attitude!! I like to shop around for big purchases and then I come back to buy what I do like!!!! I woodnt go back after that ....the employee is costing them money not making them money!

That is unbelievable how rude & the reply letter is shocking. I would be telling everyone I know how rude they are & not to shop there
hahaha 'retail superstar' how ridiculous
That is rude and shops wonder why people like to shop online.

The thing about this story is, is they were bridesmaid dress shopping...generally you spend quite a bit more money on your wedding dress/bridesmaid dress than you normally would for any other plain old dress so 9 out of 10 times people get their bridal apparel from a store that's a little more high end than usual.

I agree I would never walk into that store now. Especially being a size 16 I'd have no hope in hell!
WOW- full of themselves at all?? blink
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