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Flying with a car seat?? Lock Rss

DD (4years) and I are flying to Qld in January for a long over due holiday. I am staying with a friend and so we will be using her car and so I will need to take DD's car seat.
What are the rules about taking seats baggage wise? And how is it best to package them so the seat is protected?

oh we will be flying with jetstar

We've taken the car seat and the big jogger pram before - they're fine about it. You just take it to the oversize baggage section and check it in after you've checked yourself in.

We didn't cover ours - however they were both already well worn and loved so I wasn't worried about them. They came out the other end looking the same.

You probably should ring jetstar and ask about it though - I've travelled with qantus and they havn't charged me for it, but other airlines might be different.

You could look into hiring one up there to save lugging it around, possible damage and potential luggage costs

Just googled and found: hire for baby, abc nursery hire, baby equipment hire, qld ambulance...

Your friend may be able to borrow one for you from another friend as well.

(Could always watch ebay etc for a cheap one near your friend and offload it to a charity shop afterwards)
I agree try hiring one or buying a cheep second hand one that she can keep with her for future visits.
Not sure what the age limit is so check with the air line but each child is allocated one item for free, eg stroller, carseat, portacot etc. First time we flew with the twins we took the car seats ( have since purchased some to stay at the inlaws) and there was no cost.
Not sure about Jetstar but Qantas allows you to travel with up to 3 infant items free of charge (eg. Car seat, stroller, portacot). They provide you with a heavy duty, large plastic bag to place these items in (available free of charge at check in). However, Jetstar being a budget airline I would suggest you contact them for their allowances.
No worries you can take your carseat and just check it in to oversized baggage. I have taken ours on 3 trips and haven't wrapped it up or anything it just went into the plane as is. They usually let you take a carseat and a pram through when a child is booked:)

Our beautiful boy arrived 16/12/09

I fly all the time from queensland to melbourne. I take my pram portacot and car seat everytime. I just check them in with my bags they do the rest. never had a problem, but have only flown virign and quantas. They dont charge either
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