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its been a while Lock Rss

its been years since i have been on the forum. no idea if anyone is still around from when i was on. Im Liesh from newcastle. i have 2 boys. 5yrs and 3 in dec.
i was around when "lukes mum" "yvette" where around here. and in lady with the "J" name that i won say for fear of being banned haha
I'm still here, I remember you.
hey giggles smile

i see there is still the time out issue. it seems exactly the same as when i was last here.

my little man Jack is 3 in dec. and Rhylie has just turned 5, he goes to school next year. married life is sailing along perfectly, its been 3.5years.

we still have 2 of our snakes, and the 2 biggest fish. moved to a much quieter suburb off the 6 lane high way. we are in the back streets now. so extremly quiet with next to no traffic.

hubbys head is alot better these days, dont know if youd remember but when i first started on the forum he had a brain aneurysm. since then he has developed epilepsy. that part isnt much of an issue for us, as it doesnt rear its ugly head very often.

ive ditched all my friends, they were bad influences and tried anything to get me to be a person who i didnt want to be. life is pretty damn sweet for me, i love my family and they are growing into such boys.
Hi,I am here on and off only because I have a boring life lol good to see you back.My 3 are getting big now.Brad is in year 5.It's a bit of a'worry' when he wears a mens size shoe at 11!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

was talking to someone and they mentioned the site so throught id come back and have a look.
wow so grown up. and such a big foot. Rhylie is in an 8 boys as in the top end of toddler. not into the school age kid of kid shoes yet. they aer both exactly 14.8kg, but rhylie is a around 8cm taller then Jack. Jack is deffenatly the big boy, much bigger build and rough. rhylie is a sook and skinny
it wont be long until I am the shortest in our family sad .Blake(10) and Ryan (9 next month) are pretty much the same height.Blake finally caught up to his 'little' brother grin .Have not weighed them lately.I think Brad is about 35 kg and the other 2 about 30 or so.Tall skinny boys but kind of solid too.They are all doing well at school and love their sport.I got out of the cricket run today as the 2 younger ones play in the same team and they were cancelled due to a wet ground

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

ohh im not looking forward to when they are taller then us. which isnt hard as we are both only 160cm tall lol. rhylie will probably always be short, but not his little brother.

i cant wait until he starts soccer, although i will regret it once he does and its cold and to early
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