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I’m a primary teacher and I can tell you that there’s pretty much nothing that goes on in your houses that us teachers don’t get to hear about from your little ones! One of the funniest things about my job is show-and-tell. We have a box in the classroom and no one can look inside it until show-and-tell time. It’s a secret! (Although I now check the box beforehand)

One show-and-tell day, one of the girls brought a medal to school and put it in the show-and-tell box. “This is my dad’s medal that he got from my mum” she told the class proudly. It was one of those novelty medals from the $2 shop, and on it were the words “sex legend”.

Another show-and-tell day, a girl brought something pink with a bunny on it. Luckily I saw what it was when she was putting it in the box. She had brought her mother’s vibrator!!!! There was no way I was letting her talk about that! The story actually got worse because when I called the mother to come and fetch it from the school immediately, she wasn’t available, so the grandmother had to fetch it!!! (I can’t imagine what the conversation in that house would have been!)

One of the boys brought a photograph. “This is my dad’s car when he’s driving on the motorway.” Then I noticed that the number plate was highlighted and there were some numbers in the corner. When I asked the boy about why that was, he told me his dad likes to drive “real fast”. Hmmm…

I do also get the boring things like “this is my rock that I found in the driveway and I like it because it’s grey” but mostly it’s interesting. My advice to all mums out there – check what your child takes to school!

omg that is gold laugh thanks for the laugh

well at lease it spices up your day/week wink

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

Sometimes it's hard to keep a straight face smile

Being a teacher is so much fun - no two days are the same!

Lol oh dear! How embarassing! haha
Classic! There are no secrets from your kids......

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Whilst we going through our major reno, my boys bedrooms were demolished and they were all sleeping in the dining room but because I couldnt fit 3 beds in there I sold there beds and bought them camp stretchers to sleep on. One day one of my twins went to school quite tired and put his head down on the desk. His teacher asked him why he was tired. He promptly told her that his mum had sold his bed cause we needed the money and now he had to sleep on a camping stretcher in the dining room cause mum also got rid or our bedrooms cause we needed more money!

I almost died when he came home and told me. Hence a hasty trip to the classroom the next morning to tell the teacher what was REALLY going on. Thank goodness she knows what sort of family we are and thought it was a little strange. lol.
My parents used to run a preschool and sometimes at the beginning of the year it was hard to remember all the parents names. They would ask the kid "what's mums name?' and get MUMMY as a reply. Then they would ask "what does daddy call mummy" but sometimes got answers like "sexy bum" or "bitch" so they learnt to ask "what does Nanny call mummy?" . Mostly that got the right answer.
Ha! I'm a teacher too and it is hilarious what you hear about.

Miss 5: "My Mummy had a baby on the weekend"
Me: "Did she? That's so exciting!"
Miss 5: "Yeah, and I got to babysit him while Mummy had a ciggie in the shower!"
Me: (OMG face) "Wow!"

Another time at a sports carvival one of the littlies picked up an orchy (juice container) off the ground. When I told him "That's dirty, put it in the bin" he replied "No, my Dad always saves these, he makes things out of them." gasp gasp gasp

Another kid went to Vietnam on a holiday and brought in cigarettes and a lighter from over there for show and tell! Seriously!!!!
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