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How much do you spend on milk??? Rss

Just wondering how much everyone else spends on milk?

With a family of 3 adults and 2 children we are averaging 2L a day so over the week thats 14L blink I buy my milk from the superette as I get two 2L for $6.00.
It seems like a lot. What do you think?
At Coles and Woolies it's only $2 for 2L and $3 for 3L.. I've started buying soy milk so it's usually $2.10 for 1L. We go through about 5L or more a week and thats just for me and the 2 kids as DH does FIFO.

where are you? I get 2L for about $4 depending on what brand it is, I think the cheapest I've found is $3.50 (in NZ)

We live in Auckland. I buy the budget brand
i use about 9-15 litres a fortnight at a $1 a litre
theres me dh and ds

ds doesn't have bottles or anything yet so when he starts drinking milk it'll be more
We get 3ltr milk for $3..once a week, but that will change when dd starts drinking milk smile
i've got 2 kids and i'm pregnant so we go through a lot of milk- about 1.5L/day. OZ is So much cheaper than NZ. In OZ we were spending $1/L here we spend $3.60/2L from the supermarket.

We also get bread and milk deals from the servo down the rd which is more.
It is about $7.20 for 4 litres of non branded milk from the BIG Pak'n'Save (in Henderson, Auckland) while sometimes you can get 4 litres of Dairy Dale milk for $6.50 from the dairy. It is still really expensive though. I've left DD#1 on toddler formula as it works out as slightly cheaper!
We buy one 2L a week and there is 2 adult and 2 kids and a newborn and even then some gets thrown out. The kids have it on cereal sometimes maybe twice a week but they are weird and like it dry and i have it on cereal thats it.They don't like drinking it they prefer water
I buy the home branded ones $3 for 3L + skim which is about $4.50 for 2L last almost a week.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

wow that does seem like heaps, I get a either budget or a brand called cow and gate (or something like that) and I think its no more than $4 for 2l and I'm on the North Shore. Also I found it a bit cheaper to get milk powder if you use milk in baking etc - can't taste the difference when using it that way but you save heaps and just have regular milk for drinking etc.

Thanks that is a great idea! We do a lot of home baking in our house and i guess a fair bit of milk goes to that as well as cooking. Wonder if DH would notice if i started using it for his coffee? haha
im glad to see im not the only one who goes thru a ridiculous amount of milk each week! lol. we get the 3L bottles @ $1/L in Oz at coles so we spend about $12-15 per week (we all drink milk in our family) but i believe in supporting our dairy industry which is no doubt being effected by the price wars (even if the big stores claim otherwise) so we buy at least one of those bottles as 'dairy farmers' brand per week too smile
I also use milk powder for baking and cooking. No one notices the difference in cakes or custard or white sauce etc. I notice the difference in taste but also find it isn't as noticeable if it has been made up for a while. I quite like the taste of powdered milk, but DD#1 and DH turn their noses up at it. smile
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