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I like both but probably lean more towards cats. We got a kitten after christmas and he has grown up used to DS. Lets him carry him around and lay on him, rarely tries to scratch or anything. If he has enough he just walks off. We got a cat because they are alot less work than dogs, having a puppy is as much work as a new baby lol. But cats can be demanding, they want their way little beggas laugh

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

def a dog person, love love love them.... their just sooo cute and always happy to see you lol....dont like cats, dont know why, iv never had one just prefer dogs lol..

lol..I would kill for the AFL stadium lawn..soooo green!! laugh laugh

now that would be awesome
it doesn't get ruined from all the running around either so its durable lol laugh

I've always grown up in a house that had both cats and dogs.
Definately a dog person!

I hate cats!!! (to put it politely)

We always had heaps of pets and a cat would just not fit in. Although we did have three cats when I was young!

We had birds, mice (pet ones), rabbits, dog, fish (inside and out, fresh and saltwater), lots of creapy crawlies and many more...

I just find cats evil. Like their eyes are freaky. My main issue is the amount of native wildlife that they kill. Really [email protected] me.

I just don't get why peaple have to keep their dogs totally restrained yet cats can wonder around onto other people's property etc.

However, i'm an animal lover and I could never let a cat suffer. there are many which I have found hungry/injured and cared for them until alternate care could be found.

I'm a cat person, love them. My cat lives with my mum for the good reason that she loves my mum so i'm not going to upset the cat.

We always had a cat when i was growing up and i just love to get another one but will wait to the kids are older and we living in the next house.

100% a dog person. grin
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